Melissa Lee Gatlin- Untold Truth About Billy Bob Thornton Ex-Wife

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Melissa Lee Gatlin- Untold Truth About Billy Bob Thornton Ex-Wife

Melissa Lee Gatlin is the ex-wife of the famous actor, filmmaker, and musician Billy Bob Thornton.

Melissa Lee Gatlin's ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton
Melissa Lee Gatlin's ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton Source: Instagram

Ex-Husband Married Six Times

After starting his career in the music industry, he tied the knot with his girlfriend, Melissa Lee Gatlin, in 1978. 

They got divorced after two years of marriage. The main reason behind their broken marriage was incompatibility. 

So they parted ways in mutual agreement. The couple had a child named Amanda Brumfield. 

Since then, he has been in relationships with many women. After six years, he tied the knot with Toni Lawrence in 1986. 

His second marriage also lasted for two years like the previous one. They got officially separated in 1988.

Then Billy got hitched to American singer and author Cynda Williams.

The couple broke up after two years of togetherness. 

After the breakup, he exchanged his vows with model Pietra Dawn Cherniak. 

Billy had two children from Pietra. 

After four years, they also put an end to their relationship as his ex-wife claimed that he had been violent and aggressive in front of his children. 

In 2000, Billy tied the knot with Hollywood's famous actress Angelina Jolie. 

Their marriage was short-lived, and they split up in 2002. 

Melissa Lee Gatlin's daughter Amanda Brumfield
Melissa Lee Gatlin's daughter Amanda Brumfield Source: Pinterest

Current Married Life

Billy had a 12-year relationship with his girlfriend, Connie Angland

They met each other on the set of Bad Santa in 2002

After twelve years of dating, they became husband and wife in 2014. 

They had a very intimate wedding ceremony with family and friends in Los Angeles

They have been married ever since. 

They have been together for more than decades and are still growing strong. 

They are blessed with a daughter named Bella Thornton.

Billy Bob Thornton with his wife Connie Angland and daughter Bella Thornton
Billy Bob Thornton with his wife Connie Angland and daughter Bella Thornton Source: People


Her ex-husband Billy is 66 years old

Net Worth

Billy net worth is estimated to be $ 45 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his successful career as an actor, producer, and screenwriter.

Weird Things Billy Did With His Ex-Wife 

Billy and his ex-wife actress Angelina Jolie were one of the craziest couples back in the 2000s. They both were married only for two years but they did many weird and crazy things when they were dating. 

Billy met Angelina back in 1999 on the set of the movie Pushing Tim. He was 44 and Angelina was only 24. Despite their age difference they fell in love and showed their relationship publicly. 

Billy was engaged to Laura Dern when he married Angelina in 2000

Billy’s marriage shocked Laura as she was just gone away from home for work and her fiance got married to another woman. 

Billy and Angelina looked inseparable at that time and it was known that they wore each other’s blood necklace. 

Billy opened up that he and Angelina poked their finger with a pen and then made a locket with blood so that they could wear it when they were far from each other. 

Not only that Billy even used to wear Angelina’s lingerie and went to the gym and movie sets. 

Billy revealed that his gym mates saw him wearing his wife’s lingerie and he felt embarrassed too but he replied to them saying that he wears his wife’s underwear so that he could keep her close to him. 

On the other hand, Angelina tattooed Billy’s name on her left arm but she soon regretted inking after she got divorced from Billy

She revealed in one of the interviews that she would never tattoo any boy's name again. While they were in a relationship Angelina even reserved plots on the graveyard as a first-anniversary gift to Billy

She contacted her mother-in-law and asked where Billy’s family was buried. 

Angelina wanted to be with Billy even after their death so she reserved plots for them in Arkansas Cemetery where Billy’s family was buried.

Billy's Childhood Was Tough

Billy was born into a large family. His family often did not have enough food. 

They used to have food after his grandfather managed to bring it by hunting. 

When he was six years old, he witnessed a fatal road accident, and his neighbor dismissed the case as the victim was black. 

His childhood was abusive. His father was a terrified man and used to beat Billy when he was just three years old

He would spend his night at fear that his father might come and punish him.

Later he helped his family by working in a factory and making gigs. 

He was not a privileged kid. He had gone through many hardships in his childhood.

Billy Suffered From Dyslexia

Billy had a condition named Dyslexia ever since he was a kid. 

Due to this, he had difficulty learning things, especially in school. 

Everyone called him a moron in his school days, and none encouraged him. 

He had severe dyslexia when he was very young. 

After being a professional actor, he struggled to remember lines and scripts. 

He needed someone on sets to read his line so that he could remember it. 

He also made a documentary on this condition. 

His documentary dug deeper into the condition and looked at the solution needed to overcome the difficulty associated with Dyslexia.

Billy And Jimmy Kimmel Hung Out In Texas

Billy and Jimmy met many women when they were in Austin, hanging out with a lot of other friends. 

Billy recalled that incident on Jimmy's talk show, but Jimmy had no memory of that incident. 

One of his friends wanted to sing a happy birthday song to one girl in Spanish.

That group of girls wanted to say hi to Jimmy and Billy. Billy had a fun conversation with those girls.

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