Who Is Cristina Serra? Wife Of Pep Guardiola

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Who Is Cristina Serra? Wife Of Pep Guardiola

Cristina Serra is the wife of Spanish professional football manager and former player Pep Guardiola. 

Her husband's birthday falls on 18 January. Cristina has three daughters with her husband. 

She is a journalist, writer, and Spanish fashionista by profession. She is an Italian citizen.

Cristina Serra's husband, Pep Guardiola.
Cristina Serra's husband, Pep Guardiola. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Pep is currently married to Cristina. Pep first met Cristina in a store in Barcelona. 

The couple happily tied the knot in 2014. They had their marriage ceremony held in Catalonia

They are parents of three kids, one son Marius Guardiola and the other two daughters, Maria Guardiola and Valentina Guardiola

Cristina Serra with her husband Pep Guardiola.
Cristina Serra with her husband Pep Guardiola. Source: Instagram


Her husband Pep is 58 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Pep is $40 Million. His source of income comes from being a football manager.

Family of Cristina Serra.
Family of Cristina Serra. Source: Instagram

Pep Was Not A Good Manager

Pep gave an interview to Sky Sports News where he talked about his experience as a manager at Manchester City for the first time. 

He revealed that his first day as a manager was too hectic. 

He was too busy managing the team and knowing people from different departments. 

He also revealed a lot to improve in the club, so he was fully involved in his part. 

Pep had won many trophies and achievements with the club since his arrival, but he gives credit to his team and the people around him. 

He expressed that he, as a manager is great because of his strong player and the great people around him. 

He also described his past as anxious. He was angry every time and had no patience. 

He said that he was not a great manager at all. But now, he has learned to become calm and composed. 

According to him, he has developed as a manager.

Pep's Wife Handles His Wardrobe

Pep might be an aggressive manager inside the pitch and be a serious character for the world, but his wife has full control of him. 

Since he met his wife Cristina, she has been handling all his wardrobe. 

Pep revealed that he has zero ideas about fashion and clothing. He has no good fashion sense. 

He called his fashion sense a disaster in an interview. But after he met his wife, he started to dress better. 

He revealed that every day, his wife is behind what he wears. Nothing he wears is of his will or wish. 

His wife chooses all the clothing that people see him wearing anywhere. 

He also thanks his wife for saving time and avoiding the dilemma about what to wear.

Pep's Time At Barcelona Is His Favorite

Pep is undoubtedly one of the best football players and football managers.

When asked about his favorite moment in his football career, regardless of his time as a player or manager, he expressed that his most favorite or highlighted memory was when he was in Barcelona Club. 

When he first got to train with Barcelona's first team in Academy and learned that he was a permanent player on the team, he was the happiest in his life. 

Despite winning many big trophies, he still finds that time on top of anything. 

He said his other achievements would not have been possible if he was not selected for the first team of the Barcelona club.

Pep Revealed His Reasons To Join Manchester City

Pep had played in Barcelona from the beginning of his career. But being a manager, he joined Manchester City.

He described it in two points when asked about the reason behind it. 

Firstly he said that the club wanted him as a manager, so he went to the club. 

And the second one was that his close friends from his time at Barcelona were part of the club as well. 

They asked him to join the club, and as Pep was comfortable with his friends, he decided to join the club. 

He found it more joyful after finding out how great the club was.

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