Marius Guardiola- Is Pep Guardiola Son Dating?

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Marius Guardiola- Is Pep Guardiola Son Dating?

Marius Guardiola is a celebrity child.

He is the son of one of the most accomplished and excellent football managers in the history of football, Pep Guardiola.

He was born to Pep Guardiola and Cristina Serra in Santpedor, Spain.

He is the only son in the family and has one elder sister Maria Guardiola and a younger sister Valentina Guardiola.

He holds a Spanish nationality and follows Christianity.

Family of Marius Guardiola.
Family of Marius Guardiola. Source: Instagram

Parents Married Life

His parents are a happily married couple. Pep is married to his long-term girlfriend, Cristina Serra. 

His wife is a Brazilian writer, journalist, and Spanish fashionista. 

Her family owned a popular clothes store in Spain, which had a big impact on her regarding fashion.

They met when Pep was a teenager and played for Barcelona.

They met when he was invited to Serra’s family store for a modelling assignment where Cristina was working. 

They met and fell in love and eventually began dating. They had to stay in a long-distance relationship because of Pep’s career.

They officially became husband and wife after almost 27 years together in May 2014. 

Their wedding was very private; only a few friends and family were present. 

They are not big fans of the spotlight and like to keep their personal lives as private as possible.

Her wife is the biggest support he could ever have. 

She was the one who defended him on social media when he was accused of doping during his playing days.

Parents of Marius Guardiola.
Parents of Marius Guardiola. Source: Instagram

Pep Has Seen Best And Worst With Manchester City

Pep has been with Manchester City and leading the club for 7 years. And in 2022, he signed a contract with Manchester City for two more years making that a total of 9 years with the same club. 

He revealed that it was not just his decision to stay in the club but was his whole family’s decision as they have also been in the city for a long period of time. 

He also expressed that, If it was not Manchester City, there would not be any other better place for him to coach for. 

He said it was not because he has been with the club for a long time or he has won a lot with the club. He revealed it is because he has seen the worst with the club. 

He revealed that the organization of the Manchester City and all the higher-positioned people in the club are really understanding towards him. They treat Pep as their family and support him. 

Pep has seen the worst of the club together with the same people and hence, he trusts them and they trust him back. He really feels at home in the club. 

The chairman of the club Al Mubarak also asked Pep to stay in the club just after Manchester City won the Premier League

But he didn’t accept the offer instantly as he needed to discuss about it with his family. 

Also, he needed to check his compatibility with each and every player in the club in the coming season and also about the changes in the team that were happening constantly. 

His decision was also not forced by Al Mubarak as Al let him take his time. 

It was a great respect that the chairman showed towards Pep. All these big and little things moved Pep back to Manchester City for two more years.

Pep Loves Playing Golf 

Pep gave an interview with Sky Sports where he answered some of his most searched questions. 

There were questions asked about his birth city, hobbies, his career highlight, thoughts of Phil Foden, and many more. 

The very first question he answered was about his birth country. He was born in Santpedor, Catalonia back in 1971 January 18. He then talked about his hobbies. 

Pep has spent his whole life in football as a player and now as a manager. Besides football, he loves playing golf and after getting retired from football he spent his most of time golf playing. 

He opened up that the best time to play golf is in the summertime and if he gets free at that time he won’t miss playing golf. Expect that he also likes watching movies. 

Pep loves going to the cinema for watching a movie rather than watching it on Netflix and Amazon. He prefers cinema over anything. 

He told that his movie types depend upon with whom he is watching the movie. If he is with his children he prefers family movies and if he is with his wife he watches romantic movies. 

He also talked about his best career highlight in football and it was when he got to be a coach for the Barcelona team. It was the best moment of his life. 

Pep also shared his thoughts about Phil Foden one of the youngest players. He feels that Phil has great skills and the way he plays really impressed him. 

But Pep feels that Phil still needs coordination to play with their teammates. The skill that Phil has is very rare to be seen in 18/19 years old players. 


Marius is 20 years old. His height is 5ft and 1 inch. He celebrates his birthday with his beloved ones.

Net Worth

Marius is not young enough to have an income. However, his father has a net worth of $40 million. 

His father is one of the highest-paid football managers in the world. 

He earns through his profession as a football manager and various endorsement deals and investments.

Negative Side Of Pep 

Pep likes a perfect game and a perfect player. He loves Messi very much.

Besides Messi, he does not consider any other player. He is very rude to many players.

Yaya Toure, who is one of the former players under him, also never appreciated him because he was never placed on the list of champions by him. 

They did not have a good relationship between them. He was very unkind to Yaya.

Many players hated him because he wanted his players to be perfectly fit.

Rarely Known Facts About Pep Guardiola 

He is a Spanish professional football manager and former Spanish player.

He spent his almost whole life playing as a midfielder for FC Barcelona.

After taking leave from Barcelona in 2001, he again played as a football player for five years. He initiated his career as a professional manager in 2006 with Barcelona B and proceeded to the main team in 2008.

His teaching strategy was the reason behind the win of Barcelona 4 more trophies after beginning his career and title of double, including the Champion's League title win.

In 2010 he helped to win 14 trophies, and in the same year, he received the award of FIFA World Coach of the year.

He then shifted to Manchester City. There he won two premier league titles.

Hence he is regarded as one of the best football managers in football history.

He officially started his career as a football manager in Mexico.

He did not walk happily on his first exit from Barcelona. His dearest football player was an English football player, Peter Crouch.

He was forbidden in Italy since he tested drug positive, and Naloxone was found in his blood. 

He was not allowed for at least four months. But later, the charges applied to him were dissolved since the human body produces Naloxone.

He is also an author. He Loves music. His coach is only his inspiration.

He wears a yellow ribbon on his clothes in order to support the independent activists.

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