Who Is Dana Isaiah? Husband Of Jordin Sparks

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Who Is Dana Isaiah? Husband Of Jordin Sparks

Dana Isaiah is the husband of American actress, singer and songwriter Jordin Sparks. 

He has one son with his wife Jordin, and his name is Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr

Dana himself is an entrepreneur and gym trainer by profession. 

He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is an American citizen

Dana Isaiah with his wife Jordin Sparks and their son
Dana Isaiah with his wife Jordin Sparks and their son  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Jordin is currently married to Dana. The couple happily tied the knot in 2017 in Hawaii

After a few months after their wedding, the couple revealed themselves being parents. 

In 2018, Dana and Jordin welcomed their first child together. 

Before tying the knot with Dana, Jordin was in a relationship with Jason Derulo

They dated each other for some time, and after that, they broke up in 2014.

Dana Isaiah with his wife Jordin Sparks
Dana Isaiah with his wife Jordin Sparks  Source: Instagram


Dana was born on 3 May 1992, and his current age is 29 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jordin is $8 Million. Her primary source of income comes as being an actress, singer and songwriter. 

Mother-In-Law Was Reason Behind Meeting His Wife

Jordin opened up about how she met her husband Dana in an interview. 

She told that she met her husband, Dana, through her mom. 

She started talking to Dana on social media, and she spoke with him for a few months in social media before meeting him in person. 

Before meeting Dana, Jordin met his parents and brother in Houston, where she found out that his parents have an organization and Jordin's mom and Dana's mom are friends. 

Her mom then told Jordin to have a conversation with Dana as he was moving to LA, so he needed Jordin's help. 

After that, Jordin and Dana were added to a group chat, but they thought of talking with each other out of the group, and they talked for months. 

Then Dana came to visit her, and that's how everything started between them. 

Honor For Her Stepsister 

Jordin started a "Generation S project," where S stands for Sickle cell.

The main motive behind starting that project was to honor her stepsister and help people suffering from that disease. 

She opened up that her stepsister Bryanna Jackson Frias died at 16 after battling sickle cell disease. 

She had no idea about sickle cell disease before, but after she started the project, she felt amazing as she got a chance to learn about that disease; moreover, she will be able to teach other people too. 

She has also created a platform where people can share their part of stories of how they dealt with the sickle disease. 

For that, she created the website joingens.com. 

Ex Created False Rumors

Jordin was in a relationship with Jason Derulo, a well-known singer

They couple dated each other for three years straight and broke up. 

They had high-profile relationships back in time, and they had mutual decisions to separate from each other's lives. 

But after some time, Jordin's ex started commenting bad things about Jordin, saying that she and her family pressured him a lot for marriage. 

Jordin didn't say much about it, but she said that most of the things Jason told about her were complete lies, and she had no idea why he did that to her.  

Challenges On Pregnancy 

Jordin opened up about her pregnancy phase in an interview where she talked about how and what she had gone through during her pregnancy. 

She had no doctor while she was pregnant and called herself procrastinating. 

She visited her family once a year, and that's when she went to the doctor, but after she got pregnant, doing that became difficult, so they had to find a good doctor over there. 

It was her first time, and because of all those hormonal changes, she lost control over herself and said her pregnancy was very challenging. 

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