Who Is Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.? Son Of Jordin Sparks

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Who Is Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.? Son Of Jordin Sparks

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. is the son of famous American songwriter and singer Jordin Sparks. 

His father's name is Dana Isaiah, a model. He is named after his father Dana Isaiah.

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. with his  parents Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah
Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. with his parents Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah  Source: Instagram

Dana’s Mother Jordan's Past Relationships

She dated singer Jason Derulo in 2011. They parted ways after three years of relationship. 

They had a messy relationship. They had multiple arguments and fights. 

Jason was the one who initiated the split, as she always pressured him to get married. 

There was a rumor that Jason was cheating on her. In 2015 she started seeing Sage the Gemini.

But they also broke up after a year. 

After their break up, Sage, through his Instagram, begged Jason to come back to Jordan's life as she still loves him. 

Days later, after his post, his ex-girlfriend leaked an audio call where he confessed that his relationship with Jordan was a publicity stunt and nothing more than that as he wanted to sell more albums as suggested by his PR team. 

How Did Jordin Meet Her Husband?

Jordan and her mom traveled to Houston for a charity show, where she met a woman who hit off with her mom. 

That woman had a son who was none other than Dana Isaiah Thomas

She asked Jordan to talk to his son as he wanted to pursue modeling in LA, and Jordan was a perfect person because she knew all about the industry. 

She agreed to talk to him, and they chatted for several months. After meeting in person, they quickly bonded. 

They went to Hawaii with their friends for fun. 

They had already planned to tie the knot during the trip, so they got married on the beach on July 22.

His friend Morgan was an ordained minister at their wedding, and Jordan was in her two-piece suit. 

After four months of togetherness, they announced that they were going to be parents soon. 

They have been happily married for five years now.

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.'s parents Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah
Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr.'s parents Jordin Sparks and Dana Isaiah  Source: Instagram

Jordin Sparks Using Her Platform Positively 

In the interview with Hallmark Channel, Jordin talked about her role, being a mother, and sickle cell disease. She started the interview by sharing her experience of being on mother. 

Jordin earned fame after she won American Idol, and she was just 17 years old when she got that success. 

The interviewer said people fell in love with Jordin as a child, and now she has become a mother; they wanted to know how she feels about being that. 

Jordin opened up that she and her husband were very happy about their son’s arrival and said their priorities changed after his arrival.

As parents, they want to do everything for their child, and she feels something else when she holds her son in her arms. 

She revealed that she has been taking her son to the studios with her since the day she had him on her belly. 

Her son is now in the growing phase, and he is discovering many things, so he keeps on touching everything around him. 

Jordin said that she took him daily in the studio, but now, as he is growing, she takes him once in a while because there are many wires, and she is scared it might harm him. 

Jordin then opened up about her family facing some difficult situations. 

She opened up that her stepsister Bryanna Jackson Frias had died of sickle cell disease, and after some time, her stepdad and granddad passed away in the same year. 

Because of those things, her family was having a really hard time overcoming them. She mentioned that her stepsister Bryanna was 16 years old when she died, and her death impacted her a lot. 

After her death, Jordin started a Generation S campaign where people would learn about Sickle cell disease.

As Jordin is a public figure, she is using her platform to make people educated about that disease. 

She has started a campaign where people can tell their stories about their battle with sickle cell. She wanted to make people know about that disease and be aware of it.

Jordin Gave Her Song To Ariana 

Jordin is one of the known artists in the entertainment industry. Recently there has been an ongoing controversy claiming that the famous singer Ariana Grande stole Jordin’s career from her. 

Jordin came to prominence after she won American Idol when she was 17 years making her the youngest singer ever to win the title. 

After that, she released her first ever album selling 2 million copies across the world. 

She was on the top, making other artists desperate to work with her. 

In 2012 she did her first ever movie Sparkler and her co-star was so amazed by Jordin’s talent that she even anticipated Jordan would be a big star. 

Jordin always preferred making clean songs, and because of the record, producers tried to make her sing more sexual songs, which she didn’t like. 

That thing became a problem in Jordin’s career. In 2013 R& B record labels released the song The Way featuring Ariana and Mac Miller, which was a massive hit. 

Jordin actually wrote the song, but the original song lacked the sensual tension, so the record producer asked Jordin to give that song to Ariana which she happily agreed. 

Jordin wrote that song, getting inspired from her relationship with Jason Derulo. Shortly after, Jordin left R & B labels and moved to another record. 

R&B claimed that Jordin left the labels because of her busy acting schedule, but it wasn’t the actual reason. 

It was known that he was trying to make Ariana the next R&B star, so they cut off Jordin. 

They wanted no competition for Ariana. Even the former producer of Ariana stated that Jordin is the blueprint behind Ariana's successful songs and career. 

While the others said that Ariana stole Jordin's as well as other black artists' careers.


Dana Jr.'s birthday is in May 2018. He is 4 years old now.

Net Worth

Jordan's net worth is estimated to be $12 million. Her primary source of income is her music career. 

She has also earned some from her acting career. She earns chunks from brand endorsement.

Some Facts About His Mom

She is the winner of American Idol 2007. She was just 17 at that time. 

Her nickname is JoJo. She loves to watch football as her father was an NFL player, and she got interested in that sport at the age of 10

She is a natural singer. She was not trained by anyone in the past. 

She loves to eat Mexican food. She has also hosted a cookery show for two years named Heart of Batter with Jordin Sparks

She does boxing to remain fit. She has a deep belief in Christianity and loves to visit the church. 

During American Idol, she used to pray and then perform on stage.

Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. with his mother Jordin Sparks
Dana Isaiah Thomas Jr. with his mother Jordin Sparks  Source: Instagram

Jordin Tries Gentle Parenting With Her Son DJ

On a talk show, she confessed that she does gentle parenting to DJ, but her approach is different. 

When her son does some naughty stuff, she also joins him because she thinks that they are very young and don’t understand things. 

She said that gentle parenting comes with apologizing. Once, she got triggered and blew up on DJ

After it was done, she realized her mistake and said sorry to him and explained to him that she was going through a lot of things and was frustrated, and he hugged her. 

Her son asked her not to yell at him anymore, and in return, he agreed to listen to her. 

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