Who Is Danny Bennett? Son Of Tony Bennett

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Who Is Danny Bennett? Son Of Tony Bennett

Danny Bennett is the son of retired American singer and traditional pop standards Tony Bennett

Danny himself is a film producer professionally. His mother's name is Patricia Beech

He has three siblings. He is an American.

Marriage And Children

Danny's marital status is unknown, but he is with a beautiful lady Hadley Spanier. 

Whether they are married or only dating, it's hard to say because Danny is a very private person when it comes to his personal life. 

Danny has three children to date.

Danny Bennett with his partner, Hadley Spanier.
Danny Bennett with his partner, Hadley Spanier. Source: Pinterest

About Danny's Father Tony 

Tony is a retired singer of traditional pop standards, show tunes, and Jazz. 

He is famously known for his song I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

He was born in the year 1926 in Long Island City. His parents raised him with his two siblings, John and Mary.

Tony's full name is Anthony Dominick Benedetto

Danny Bennett with his dad, Tony Bennett.
Danny Bennett with his dad, Tony Bennett. Source: Zimbio

Married Life Of Tony

Tony has been married three times in his life. 

His first marriage was with Patricia Beech. They met each other for the first time in a nightclub. 

They got married back in 1952. Tony shares two sons named Danny and Daegal with Patricia

They were married to each other till 1971, and after that, they divorced. 

His second marriage was with Sandra Grant. They married in 1971 after dating each other for five years. 

They shared two daughters, Joanna and Antonia. Unfortunately, Tony's second marriage also didn't last, as Tony and Sandra divorced in 1983. 

As of 2023, Tony is married to his wife, Susan Crow. They started dating each other in the 1980s, and in 2007, they tied the knot. 

Tony's current wife is 40 years younger than him despite their marriage work, and they are happily living together. 

Tony with his wife Susan.
Tony with his wife, Susan. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Danny was born in the year 1954 and is currently 69 years old. His father, Tony, has a net worth of $200 Million

Danny Canceled All The Show

Danny has been the manager of his father, Tony, and has been managing all the shows and schedules. 

But in 2021, Danny stated to the media that the tour that Tony was having and the pending performance that he was supposed to attend would be canceled. 

Danny stated that his father, Tony, has been having difficulty performing at 95 years of age. 

He can sing, and he is dedicated to it. But he cannot stand and perform as he is aged. 

He also has had Alzheimer's for a long time. So his physical state was not stable to attend any concert as he needed a lot of energy to attend concerts and show the performance.

Tony Battled With Cocaine

Tony has been in the field of music for more than half a decade. 

He is one of the few people who has been in the field for the most extended period. 

Even while tackling Alzheimer, he didn't stop singing. But in his initial days, he couldn't handle the fame, so he got into drug addiction. 

He started using cocaine in enormous amounts. He struggled a lot with addiction. 

He took a lot of time to be free from addiction. He tells the young artist how he faced the situation and tried to keep them away from such problems.

Frank Taught Tony About The Audience

Tony gave an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where he talked about his relationship with Frank Sinatra.

He revealed that Frank was a great singer and his favorite. He said that Frank was not just his favorite singer, but Frank also considered Tony his famous singer. 

Tony revealed that they were great friends. He expressed that when he got along with Frank, he told Frank about how audiences make him nervous. 

After that, Frank taught Tony a great lesson that changed his psychology. 

Frank taught Tony that there was never a lousy audience in the world. He revealed that audiences are their friends that come to see them perform and to see them. 

Hence, they always are in a great mood. But there might be a time when singers or performers perform poorly. 

There might be a bad performance but not a wrong audience. Tony hence always respects Frank and the lesson he taught Tony.

Tony Hated War

Tony revealed in an interview that he was born to be a singer. He said that from childhood, he was always interested in singing, which was his passion. 

But in his late teenage years, he had to move to another profession he hated. 

He had to join the army because of World War 2. He expressed that life was a gift and didn't want to keep it at risk for anything. 

But it was his compulsion to join the war. He had to get points to get out of the war and was trying to do it. 

He revealed that, in wartime, no one wanted to kill anyone. But the weapons really out forced the forces as they were very deadly. 

Fortunately, he stayed alive and lived the life he always wanted.

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