Who Is Patricia Beech? Ex-Wife Of Tony Bennett

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Who Is Patricia Beech? Ex-Wife Of Tony Bennett

Patricia Beech is the ex-wife of the late American singer Tony Bennett. Patricia is the first wife of Tony.

Patricia Beech with her ex-husband, Tony Bennett.
Patricia Beech with her ex-husband, Tony Bennett. Source: MarriedCeleb

Marriage And Children

Patricia got married to her former husband Tony back in 1952. Tony was the one who fell for Patricia at first. 

They met each other for the first time back in 1951. Tony was singing in the street of Cleveland when he saw Patricia for the first time and got immediately astonished by her beauty. 

They shared two children named Danny and Dae Bennett. Their marriage ended in 1971. 

Patricia Beech with her ex-husband and their sons.
Patricia Beech with her ex-husband and their sons. Source: Pinterest

Patricia's Former Husband Married Three Times 

After Patricia divorced Tony, he remarried in the same year of their divorce with an actress named Sandra Grant.

Tony dated Sandra for six years before their marriage. They had two daughters together named Joanna and Antonia.

Their marriage didn't last long, as they ended up getting separated after seven years old their marriage. 

Following his second marriage failure, Tony married his third wife, Susan Crow, in 2007.

Tony and Susan had 40 years age difference. They were together till Tony's death. 

Tony with his wife Susan.
Tony with his wife, Susan. Source: Facebook

About Tony Bennett

Tony was a well-known professional singer for his signature song, I Left My Heart in San Francisco.

He was born the year 1926 and had his birthday on August 3. His parents raised him with his elder brother John Benedetto Jr and elder sister Mary Benedetto.

His full name was Anthony Dominick Benedetto. He died on July 21, 2023

Age And Net Worth 

Her ex-husband Tony was 96 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $200 Million.

Tony Never Wanted To Retire

Tony was one of the greatest and most talented singers. 

He gave up his whole life singing. In one of the interviews, Tony opened up that there were two things that he enjoyed and loved to do: painting and singing. 

He was getting old but didn't want to retire from singing.

According to him, he had never worked his entire life because singing was what he enjoyed doing. 

Although he had gained so much fame and success in singing, he felt that there were many things that he still needed to learn.

Instead of retiring, he wanted to take time for himself to study singing, learn many things, and improve himself.

He never wanted to give up on the things that he loved, and that was singing and painting.

Tony Hid His Condition

Tony was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease when he was in his 90s.

Despite his condition, he continued working. Tony's wife, family, and Lady Gaga were the only people aware of Tony's condition. 

He didn't want the public to know about the disease and continued singing like nothing happened. 

His wife Susan talked about his condition and said that Tony acted like he was fit and nothing happened to him because he felt no pain. 

He worked out five times a week, sang twice a week with his pianists, and told me he was feeling great every time. 

Still with Alzheimer's, he remembered his wife, family and continued singing with a big smile.

Tony's Alzheimer's Got Worse

Tony was diagnosed with Alzheimer, and because of that, he could not keep track of his memory. 

His condition worsened in the interview, where he could talk about anything. 

Thankfully his wife Susan was there for him, and she was the one who did most of the talking. 

His wife has been really supportive of him and has taken care of him well. 

In the interview with 60 minutes, when Tony was asked about his event, he couldn't remember. 

He did recognize people when he saw their pictures. However, he had no money for when and where those pictures were taken. 

He even forgot that he had dementia.

Tony Hated Being In The Military

Tony always dreamed of being a singer, and he started singing when he was young. 

But at the age of 18, he was drafted into military training. 

He was sent to Fort Robinson in Arkansas, and within a very short time, he realized that the military was not for him. 

He revealed that he and his other mates were mistreated like animals. 

He even faced racism because he was an Italian from New York.

Predominantly African-American and Jewish were the ones who faced more racism. He described his military life as full of torture.

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