Who Is David Efron ? Father Of Zac Efron

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Who Is David Efron ? Father Of Zac Efron

David Efron is the father of American actor Zac Efron. He was married to Starla Baskett

He has two kids with his wife, Starla. The names of his children are Dylan Efron and Zac.

He is an electrical engineer. He is an American citizen. 

David Efron's son Zac Efron and ex-wife Starla Baskett
David Efron's son Zac Efron and ex-wife Starla Baskett Source: Instagram

Son's Relationship Status

Zac is not married yet. He was previously in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens

They started dating each other in 2005, but it was publicly revealed in 2007

They met each other on the set of movies named High School Musical.

They dated for five years, and later in 2010, they ended their relationship. 

After that, he dated Sami Miro for two years straight and broke up. 

In 2020, he was in a relationship with Vanessa Valladares, but sadly, their relationship didn’t last long as the couple broke up after ten months.

David Efron's son Zac Efron
David Efron's son Zac Efron Source: Instagram


David is 58 years old in 2022.

Net worth 

The net worth of Zac is $25 Million. Acting is his primary source of income.

Hurt While Skiing 

In 2019, Zac suffered a leg injury, which later made him ski on one leg. 

Zac opened up that he went on skiing to promote movies at the Sundance, and he never missed to take the benefit of skiing while he was in Utah.

He has also invited his little brother and some friends to ski. 

He said that his brother asked him to go Cat skiing the very next morning. 

It was a new term for him as he had never heard and done Cat skiing. 

He was confused, but later he knew that the cat was a tractor and they went to the mountain in the tractor, and there they did the skiing. 

He enjoyed it a lot but later, Zac hurt himself as he slipped and fell. He later realized that he had torn his ACL

Sharing Room With Brother 

Zac opened up about him sharing a room with his brother. 

The interviewer asked Zac if he had kicked out his brother from his house or not. 

For that, he replied that his brother is still living with him in his house, and he has no issue with that. 

He said that his brother looks after his house when he is not around the house. 

His brother does parties in the house too, and the interviewer wanted to know if Zac had permitted that or not. 

He said that he tries to keep himself out of those things. 

His brother does parties in his house but makes sure that he keeps Zac's house clean before he reaches the home. 

Shark Diving During Shooting 

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, Zac has opened up about him diving with sharks. 

He said that he was in Hawaii shooting for his movie, and there, he and his co-star Adam went shark diving. 

Adam was more like a brother to Zac, and they both went shark diving very early in the morning. 

Zac said that they went on shark diving with professional shark divers. 

It was his second shark dive, and he had met those people already while he went for the first time. 

He swam with sharks for 45 minutes, and there were many sharks over there; at that time, he also saw tiger sharks coming toward him. 

He calmed himself and made the sharks feel that he was not their food. 

Zac Was An Addict 

Back in 2013, Zac went to rehab after he struggled with alcohol and drug abuse. 

He opened up that he started consuming a lot of alcohol after he started to feel the social pressure. 

As he was in the spotlight, he could not have his privacy. 

People stay and wait for him to click pictures and know his personal life wherever he goes. 

As he was not able to handle the pressure, he started drinking. 

But in 2013, he realized that whatever he was doing was not good for his health and career, so he went to rehab to get rid of those. 

David Efron with his son Zac Efron
David Efron with his son Zac Efron Source: Instagram

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