Who Is Starla Baskett? Mother Of Zac Efron

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Who Is Starla Baskett? Mother Of Zac Efron

Starla Baskett is the mother of actor Zac Efron. She was born in 1949

She was born in America. She is an entrepreneur. 

Her parents were Mandy Baskett and Elsa Baskett.

Starla Baskett's sons Zac Efron and Dylan Efron
Starla Baskett's sons Zac Efron and Dylan Efron Source: Instagram

Marriage And Divorce

Starla was married to her longtime boyfriend, David Efron.

Her husband is an electrical engineer by profession. The couple are blessed with two children, Zac and Dylan.

They met at work as both worked together in a power plant and were co-workers. 

But they got divorced in 2015 as things did not go well between them, and they decided to end their marriage. 

They were together for almost 30 years.

Starla Baskett with her ex-husband David Efron and son Zac Efron
Starla Baskett with her ex-husband David Efron and son Zac Efron  Source: Instagram

Did Starla Marry Again After Her Divorce?

After she divorced David, she did not marry or date anyone. Starla is an independent woman. 

However, her ex-husband remarried and started a new family. 

Starla remained single and focused on her career and kids. 

Did Zac Actually Do Plastic Surgery?

Zac is a well-known actor who has managed to win millions of hearts with his charming look and acting skills. In 2021, the internet was filled with Zac's facial surgery. 

Fans accused him of getting facial surgery and despised his look. The whole news of Zac's facial surgery started after he gave an interview to Men's Health

There in that interview, his facial appearance looked way too different from what he looked before. His face looked puff, and his jaw looked swollen twice than it looked before. 

Because of that, people started the news saying that Zac ruined his face with plastic surgery. The news of his surgery went on the internet for a very long time. 

However, Zac didn't respond to any of it. He keeps him away from the social media negativity, so he just ignores it. 

A year later, Zac finally opened up about the plastic surgery.

In 2013, Zac got himself into a deadly accident that nearly killed him. Thankfully he was saved, but his jaw was completely broken. 

Zac never thought that his change in facial appearance while giving the interview in Men's Health would be such a big issue. 

He shared that his jaw looked swollen because of an old injury caused in 2013. About his puffed face, it was because of the movie Baywatch

He revealed that he had gone through a serious diet while he was shooting for Baywatch

He had to develop great toned abs and muscles for the movie, and because of diet, it affected his health badly. 

He put an end to all the rumors of his plastic surgery by revealing the real truth behind his changed facial appearance. 


Starla is 73 years old. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. She weighs around 67 kg. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $300 thousand. 

All primary source of income is from her business which she has been running for five years. 

However, her son Zac has a whopping $25 million net worth

Starla Baskett's son Zac Efron
Starla Baskett's son Zac Efron Source: Instagram

Starla’s Two Sons Live Together

In an interview, Zac revealed that he lives with his little brother, Dylan Efron

He said he has been the best roommate and looks after the whole house. 

He loves his brother and is cool with him hosting parties at the house. 

He does not mind and never asks anything like that. 

He trusts his brother as he looks after the house when he is not around.

Zac's Talked About His Addiction 

In 2018, a source confirmed that Zac was battling drugs and alcohol. 

He went to rehab and became healthy. 

In a show named Running Wild with Bear Grylls, the star confessed that he needed cocaine to endure the pressure of media before leaving the house. 

He further said in a report that he abused drugs as he was in his 20s and single and had much going on in his life. 

He could not deal with that. Now he has completely changed his lifestyle and wants to inspire people. 

He admits all the mistakes he had made in the past and now lives a very healthy and clean lifestyle.

Zac could not dance during High School Musical

In an interview, Zac revealed that he did not know how to dance when he was in High School Musical. 

He could not make dance moves. He just attempted to make some moves and acted cool. 

He was just a regular kid from the streets, not a professional dancer.

An Interesting Fact About Starla

Starla used to work as an administrative secretary assistant in a power plant. 

Her ex-husband was her co-worker in that company. 

She took her son Zac for the audition of High School Musical. Zac had no idea about that. 

Once, she gifted her son a cookbook with weird recipes on Christmas. 

She is her son’s biggest supporter. TV actor John MD and Gregory Harrison had a crush on Zac’s mother. 

She has two sisters. She practices Judaism as she was raised in a Jewish family.

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