Who Is David Mendelsohn? Brother Of Ben Mendelsohn

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Who Is David Mendelsohn? Brother Of Ben Mendelsohn

David Mendelsohn is the brother of Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn. 

David has two siblings, Ben, and Tom Mendelsohn, altogether. He grew up in Melbourne with his brothers. 

His father, Frederick Arthur Oscar Mendelsohn, was a neuroscientist, and his mother, Carole Ann, was a nurse.

Is Ben Married?

Ben was married to journalist and writer Emma Forrest. They met each other back in 2012.

They share a daughter from their marriage. Ben has another child from his past relationship too. 

They tied the knot in 2012. Emma filed for a divorce in 2016. The two didn’t say anything about their divorce. 

Ben Mendelsohn with his ex-wife.
Ben Mendelsohn with his ex-wife. Source: Pinterest


His brother Ben is 53 years old

Net Worth

His brother Ben's net worth is estimated to be $9 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Ben Talked About Playing Antagonist In Star Wars Story

Ben played the role of the principal villain in Rouge One: Star Wars Story.

He said that he watched Star Wars when he was a kid, which was a big thing for him. 

So when the director of the movie Gareth Edwards approached him for the role, he couldn’t be happier. 

He met him in Beverly Hills. They had a little chit-chat on the rooftop of some hotel where he offered him the role for the upcoming star wars movie. He said it was a very secret thing. 

He said he had to keep it secret for a long time. 

Ben Talked About Working With Steven Spielberg

Ben was part of a Science fiction action film, Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg

He said that he had never seen such a fantastic screening of any movie in his entire career. 

He said he had the most exciting and wildest experience working on that project. 

He said he had watched many of Steven's works and is a huge fan. He grew up watching his work and loves what he does on screens. 

He said he couldn’t believe that he got an opportunity to work with him, and to date, he still pinches himself to remind that he has worked with such a legendary director. 

He said he had not seen anyone like Steven Spielberg, and working with his team was the best experience of his life. 

Ben Admits That He Is A Bad Guy

Ben said that he grew up in a different environment. He said there was no freedom and liberty around him growing up. 

He said he had seen robbery and violence growing up. This has made him a rough guy. 

He even joked that that's why he is mainly offered the role of villain in movies. 

Ben And Robin De Niro Had Worked Together In A Movie

Ben was in the movie 'The Killer Elite,' where Robin De Niro played a role. 

But he didn’t have any scenes with him. So they didn’t get a chance to work face-to-face on screen. 

He asked the movie director to let him on the sets when Robin De Niro had his scenes being shot. 

Ben Can Crack Any Accent

Ben said that he is so good with the accent that he does the accent anyone from that part of the area wonders if he is originally from that area. 

He said actors who do accents are judged rightfully and harshly. He said a few accents were very hard for him, but it was possible to do after hours of practicing. 

He said if he gets time to learn his accent and work hard on it, there is no accent that he can’t crack.

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