Who Is Tom Mendelsohn? Brother Of Ben Mendelsohn

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Tom Mendelsohn is the brother of an Australian actor Ben Mendelsohn. He was born to his mother, Carole Ann, and father, Frederick Arthur Oscar Mendelsohn

He is a nurse professionally. He is an Australian citizen by his nationality. He grew up with his two brothers, Ben and David Mendelsohn, in Melbourne, Australia. 

About Tom's Brother Ben 

Ben is an actor famously known for his appearance in Marvel's movie Captain Marvel.

He played the role of Talos in that movie. Ben has played in many big films throughout his Hollywood career, and his breakthrough movie is The Year My Voice Broke

Ben grew up with his brothers. His full name is Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn. 

Ben was born in Melbourne, Australia, which makes him an Australian citizen by his nationality. 

Tom's brother Ben.
Tom's brother Ben. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ben 

Ben is currently unmarried, and he is also single.

Previously he was married to Emma Forrest. They tied the knot back in 2012.

Two years after their marriage, they happily welcomed their daughter Caroline together. 

Ben’s marriage with Emma lasted only four years as they divorced in 2016

He also has a daughter named Sophia Wright from his past affair. Unfortunately, he hasn't revealed the identity of his daughter's mom, and his experience with her is also private. 

Who Has Ben Dated?

Ben had dated a well-known actress Kate Fischer in the 1990s.

They met each other in 1993 on the set of the movie Siren and shortly after, they started dating. Their relationship didn't work out, so they broke up. 

Age And Net Worth 

His brother Ben is 53 years old. He has a net worth of $9 Million.

Ben Was Raised To Be A Villain

Ben is a well-known actor in Hollywood who has played in many movies. 

But Ben is mainly seen playing a negative role in the movies. So in the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he talked about it.

Ben said that people in almost every place are taught about freedom, hope, and liberty while growing up. 

He is an Australian, so an Australian he and other Australian natives didn’t grow up learning those things; instead, they are raised to go to jail, and from a very young age, they know about cops and robbers. 

Because of that, he mostly plays villain roles in his movies and enjoys them. He has also played a negative role in Captain Marvel's movies.

Ben Worked With Robert Di Niro 

Ben has worked with many actors in his acting career, and in all the movies he played in, he always gave his best.

Many might not know that Ben has also worked with one of the greatest actors Robert di Niro

He said that he and Di Niro are in The Killer. Despite being in the same film, he never got a chance to meet the legendary actor. 

He and Di Niro had no scenes together, so he never saw him. 

While he was signing up for the movie, he asked the director to let him act like the hairdresser of Di Niro when Di Niro was on set for his scenes. 

The director agreed with that, but he didn’t become a hairdresser. 

He thought that what if he had to cut the hair of the great actor and because of that he didn’t dare to pretend to be the hairdresser of Di Niro.

Ben Had To Wash The Dishes

Ben started working in Hollywood when he was young and is now one of the most famous Australian actors. 

He is successfully played many roles and is living a well-settled life. 

But like many other actors, Ben’s life was also full of ups and downs. In the 2000s, the industry downturn almost ended Ben’s acting career. 

He thought that was the dead end of his career. He didn’t have any jobs and had no money with him. 

So he had to live in a very cheap apartment in Bondi. The apartment was in a place where it was always crowded, the bus noises all day and night. 

He had struggled a lot and even had to wash dishes to survive. He worked in a restaurant and worked as a kitchen hand. 

Luckily he again got a chance to restart his career and started getting roles. 

He is now so successful that no one would know that the actor’s career was on the verge of ending years back.

Ben’s Rough Childhood

Ben’s mom, Carole, and dad, Federick Auther, both were from a medical background as his mom was a nurse and his dad was a medical researcher. 

Despite coming from such a family, Ben described his childhood as messy and rough. 

But it was not because of his parents. He was the reason behind his rough childhood. 

He opened up that he was suspended from school when he was 13 years old, and the cause of getting kicked off as he set his school on fire. 

Not only that, he started taking drugs and consuming alcohol by the time when he was 19 years old.

His drug abuse was so intense that his then-girlfriend Kate Fischer got concerned for him. 

He slowly overcame his drug addiction and drinking habit and is now sober. 

Also, he is now part of a charity that helps kids whose parents are dealing with drug abuse.

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