David Rangnick

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David Rangnick

David Rangick is the son of German professional football manager, sports executive and former player Ralf Rangnick

His mother name is Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick. He has an elder brother named Kevin Rangick

David himself is a former footballer. He is a German citizen.

David Rangnick parents
David Rangnick parents  Source: Pinterest

Relationship Status Of Ralf Rangnick 

Ralf is married to Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick. Ralf is private about his personal life. 

He prefers to keep his love and married life away from the spotlight. 

He hadn't opened up about when and how he met his wife and when they got married. 

They have two children together and are happy in their life. 

Ralf Rangnick receiving his award
Ralf Rangnick receiving his award  Source: Instagram 

About Ralf Rangnick 

Ralf is a German professional football manager, sports executive and former player born on 29 June 1958.

He was born to Dietrich and Erika Rangnick and was raised by them in Lichtenstein

He started his career as a player, but he was hired as a coach because of his talent. 

He was just 25 years old when he started his career as a coach

He is currently working as Head of Sports and Development at Russian Club FC Lokomotiv Moscow

He also worked as a head coach between the years 2015 and 2019.

David Rangick father Ralf Rangnick
David Rangick father Ralf Rangnick  Source: Instagram


David was born on 28 April 1995, and his current age is 26 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ralf is estimated to be $10 Million

He has earned as being a football manager, sports executive and former player. 

David Rangnick's Father Is Going To Join Manchester United

Manchester United is planning on improving themselves in their regular games, training, internal affairs and structures. 

For this, Manchester United has its eyes on none other than Ralf Rangnick

David's father, Ralf, has been in the field of football for such a long time. He knows how everything works. 

Manchester needs short time manager, and Ralf is an open option for them. 

Looking at his history, he has turned many clubs into a better place. 

Manchester will soon sign him as a temporary manager if everything goes as planned.

Rangnick Left Team Schalk

Ralf had been the head coach of Schalk back in time. 

He was one of the best coach of Schalk, and his guidance and strategy did uplift Schalk from where it was before his presence. 

But he resigned from the club as a head coach due to his health issues. 

He was physically and mentally active and gave his all for his club. 

He was doing his best for the club's progress, and it seems his health was affected in the process. 

He had vegetative burnout and fatigue syndrome. It was not what he and his club wanted for him, but his health was more important. 

He hence resigned from his post. His club wished him a quick recovery and a bright future ahead.

Rangnick Got Himself Injured

Ralf was a head coach of Leipzig back in 2016. Leipzig is a great team, but somehow they were not qualified for Bundesliga

In 2016, Ralf's presence changed that. 

On the guidance of Ralf, the team won the seat in Bundesliga by defeating Karlsruhe by scoring 2-0 in 2016

That was a big day for them. To celebrate, they did a beer shower. Players were celebrating and decided to pour beer on Ralf as well. 

Ralf ran from them and, during the process, he fell. He got hurt and injured his muscle. 

He was taken to the dressing room and looking at people's reactions, and he seemed all right.

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