Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick – Meet Ex-Wife Of Ralf Rangnick

by Pragya Sun Apr 14 2024 Updated On Tue Apr 30 2024
Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick – Meet Ex-Wife Of Ralf Rangnick

Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick is the ex-wife of German professional football coach, executive, and former player Ralf Rangnick. 

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Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick with her ex-husband Ralf Rangnick
Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick with her ex-husband Ralf Rangnick. Source: Pinterest

Is she married? 

She was married to Ralf for a long time. Gabriele and Ralf had known each other since they were teenagers. 

They were high school lovers who dated each other for many years before tying the knot. 

They share two children, David Rangnick and Kevin Rangnick

Sadly, the couple is no longer together, as they got divorced after being together for more than four decades in 2017

Who is Gabriele's Ex-husband? 

Ralf Rangnick is a professional coach, executive, and former player. He is currently the team manager of the Austria National Team.

Ralf joined the national team in 2022. He was born to his parents, Erika and Dietrich, in the year 1958. His full name is Ralf Dietrich Rangnick.

Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick and her ex-husband Ralf Rangnick
Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick and her ex-husband Ralf Rangnick. Source: Pinterest

Ralf moved on and is dating a younger woman? 

Ralf is now dating Flor Bracamontes. His current girlfriend is much younger than him, and they have been together for more than two years now. 

Flor is Mexican. He hasn’t revealed much about his current girlfriend but has been seen with her a few times. 

They were spotted together in the stadium watching the match of Manchester United vs. Arsenal in December of 2021

Ralf sat rows behind his girlfriend as he knew people's eyes would be on him. 

Age and Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Gabriele Lamm-Rangnick is unknown. 

Her ex-husband, Ralf, is 65 years old. He has a net worth of £15 Million. His source of income is his football career. 

Ralf was satisfied with the gameplay? 

Ralf was the manager of football club Manchester United for a year. 

He was in the club from 2021 to 2022, and during his days at Man United, he gave his best effort to the team. 

He talked about one of the great football matches of Manchester United and said that he was totally satisfied with it. 

The players had 65% ball possession, and for him, that match was one of the best performances given by the team. 

However, he saw that the team had some gap in defense, but overall, everything was great, and that match was what he and his team wanted to show the supporters of Man United

He also talked about a few players' performances and felt great about them and their efforts. 

Does Ralf have a good team? 

Ralf is currently the coach of the Austria National Team. On March 27, his team played a Friendly Match against Turkey at Ernst Happy Stadium

The game went well, and Austria won against Turkey with a score of 6 – 1, which was a great moment for Ralf as well as his team. 

Later in the conference, Ralf talked about the match and said that playing against one of the toughest teams like Turkey wasn’t easy for them. 

Turkey has defeated great teams like Germany and Croatia as they have strong, talented players, and during their match too, Turkey was dominant to Austria in the first half. 

But with Austria’s effort and with the good team, they made it possible to win the match against Turkey

Ralf was very happy and proud of his team's performance in the match. 

Ronaldo doesn’t consider Ralf as Coach? 

One of the most talented players, Cristiano Ronaldo, talked about Ralf in an interview. 

Cristiano is also a former player of Manchester United and when Ralf was signed as the new manager of Manchester United, Cristiano wasn’t very happy about that. 

After he left Manchester, he expected to see progress and new things from the club, but it didn’t go as he expected. 

According to Cristiano, after Sir Ferguson left the club, Manchester was no longer the club it used to be. 

There was no progress or evolution in the club, and when Cristiano knew about the sports directive, Ralf was the new manager, he was shocked. 

He saw no sense in Manchester signing Ralf, a sports directive as a coach of such a high-profile team. 

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