Demetrio Verdejo Colon- Tragedy Of Felix Verdejo Father

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Demetrio Verdejo Colon is the father of former professional boxer Felix Verdejo. 

His wife’s name is Madeline Sanchez. The couple has five children, including Felix.

Felix was a professional boxer falling under lightweight boxing. He was known as “The Diamond” because of his early success in his early career. 

Demetrio Verdejo Colon's wife and son.
Demetrio Verdejo Colon's wife and son. Source: Facebook

Son Early Career

In 2012, at the age of 19, Felix became a professional boxer by joining top rank. He signed for an undisclosed amount which included a bonification of $600,000.

Felix won “New Hispanic Promise” just after one year of the start of his career.

Also, he was voted ”Prospect Of The Year” by Boxingscene and top rank. 

In 2014 he defeated undefeated boxer Lauro Alcantar by knockout in under 21 seconds. 

Felix's Love Life

Eliz Verdejo is the wife of Felix. His wife is a Puerto Rican influencer. 

Through various social media posts and views, It is clear that both have been married for eight years.

But as Felix likes to maintain privacy about his love life and personal life, so there is not much information about his wife. 

Though it is known that they share a child.

Felix Verdejo with his wife and their daughter.
Felix Verdejo with his wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Proud Parents Of Miranda 

Miranda Verdijo is the one and only child and daughter of Eliz and Felix.

She was born in October 2018 at the Rio Piedras Medical Center. Various posts show that both parents love her and care for her. 

Felix Verdejo with his daughter.
Felix Verdejo with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Murder Charges And Found Guilty

On April 30, 2021, Felix was suspected by the police of the disappearance of a pregnant woman, Keishla Rodriguez.

As heard by Rodriguez, the child was of Felix. Her body was found on the San Jose Lagoon

After a few days, Felix presented himself in court, trying to convince the judge that he was not guilty with the video link, but he was found guilty as the sources say that he shot her dead and threw her off a bridge. 

On July 28, 2023, he was found guilty of two murders by US police officials and the department. 

Hence he lost his reputation and career due to such an act, and that incident is such a tragedy for the family.

He has not been sentenced yet but might face the death penalty.

Age And Net Worth

Demetrio's age is unknown. However, his son is 30 years old. As a boxer with fewer losses and more wins, Felix was quite famous worldwide. 

His net worth was over 30 million dollars.

Broke Records

Felix was in his most successful year in 2014, recording seven wins and 0 losses with 6 KOs.

Once again, he was voted for “Prospect Of The Year” as his victory in such an age was phenomenal. 

In his entire boxing career. He recorded about 29 fights with 27 wins,17 KOs, and only two losses in his career. 

Felix was always arrogant and always believed in himself when he was in the ring. He once said he wanted to conquer the world through boxing and be a world champion. 

HBO Boxing Interview

Felix shared his experience for his first HBO boxing debut; he went ten rounds for the first time in HBO boxing.

He said his experience was valuable as it was the first time in his career that he went ten rounds of boxing.

As said in the interview, he had great expectations for the top rank and was training hard for that event. 

He also fought an undefeated fighter in the HBO debut and was also ranked undefeated. 

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