Madeline Sanchez- Tragedy Of Felix Verdejo Sanchez Mother

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Madeline Sanchez- Tragedy Of Felix Verdejo Sanchez Mother

Madeline Sanchez is the mother of a Puerto Rican former professional boxer and convicted murderer Felix Verdejo Sanchez. 

She is married to her husband, Demetrio Verdejo Colon.

She shares three sons and two daughters with her husband. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

About Medeline’s Son Felix

Felix Verdejo Sanchez is a professional boxer and a convicted murderer. 

He started playing boxing when he was nine years old, and by the time he was 19, his professional career began.

He was born in the year May 19, 1993. His parents raised him with his two brothers and sisters. 

Madeline Sanchez's son Felix Verdejo Sanchez.
Madeline Sanchez's son Felix Verdejo Sanchez. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Felix is married to his wife, Eliz Marie Santiago. He hasn’t shared much detail about his marriage, but Felix and his wife have been together for a long time. 

They welcomed their baby daughter Miranda in 2018. 

Family of Felix Verdejo Sanchez.
Family of Felix Verdejo Sanchez. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Her son Felix is 30 years old. He has a net worth of $20 Million

Felix Saw Heaven On Earth

Felix is a fighter and a tough guy, physically and emotionally. 

But when he saw his first child and held his daughter, he felt like heaven on earth. 

She made him so much emotional. He named his daughter Miranda, which is considered his most significant achievement.

He also revealed that because of his daughter, his routine had been a bit messed up as he had to wake up from the scream of his child and could not get enough sleep for his training. 

But his daughter will have a separate room after she grows up. 

Felix also talked about having a second or third child in the future, but he was now happy with being around Miranda.

Felix Was Undefeated

Felix gave an interview in 2016 while participating in the HBO Boxing League.

It was his first time in the League, standing undefeated. 

He went into ten rounds with his opponent in his first match and won. 

It was a great match as both boxers were at their best. His next game was against William Silva, undefeated in the League. 

Felix was hence more dedicated and excited for the match. He said that he was training more and more hard every single day for the League and for the games to come. 

He admitted that he was ready for anything to come.

Felix Killed His Girlfriend

Back in 2021, Felix was arrested for killing his girlfriend. According to the reports and a witness, Felix got his girlfriend Keishla Rodriguez pregnant even though he was married and had a wife. 

After Felix knew about her pregnancy, he called Keishla’s outside her house, picked her up, and drove away. 

 Felix Verdejo Sanchez's late girlfriend Keishla Rodriguez.
Felix Verdejo Sanchez's late girlfriend, Keishla Rodriguez. Source: Instagram

The witness at the crime scene claimed that Felix asked for his help to kill Keishla’s unborn baby. 

Keishla and Felix got into an argument in the car, and he punched hard in her face and then drugged her. 

Felix then took Keishla on a bridge and threw her off. The witness even said Felix shot her from the bridge after throwing her off. 

He pleaded guilty to the murder of his girlfriend and his unborn child on July 30, 2023.

Felix Couldn't Make Any Contact

Felix is a boxer, and keeping him away from boxing was impossible. 

He is a hard-working boxer who loves to train to the maximum extent. 

But in December of 2014, he got himself injured. His left arm was injured during matches, leaving him out of the fighting scene for a long time. 

He consulted the doctors and also went through surgery. The surgery was a great success, and the good news was that he would return to his original form. 

But he was suggested to stay away from the fight. He not just fought, but he was also told not to make any contact with his left arm. 

Until the recovery, his only option was to sit back and rest.

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