Who Is Deni Montana Harrelson? Daughter Of Woody Harrelson

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Who Is Deni Montana Harrelson? Daughter Of Woody Harrelson

Deni Montana Harrelson is the daughter of Woody Harrelson, an American actor. Her mother's name is Laura Louie.

Parents of Deni Montana Harrelson.
Parents of Deni Montana Harrelson. Source: Pinterest

About Her Parents

Woody and Laura met in the late 1980s on the set of the TV show Cheers

Laura became Woody’s assistant, and they fell in love and married in 2008

They together have three children. Deni is their firstborn. She was born in 1993. She prefers a private life. 

Zoe is their secondborn. She was born in 1996. And she appeared in a music video with her dad. Makani is their youngest. She was born in 2006.

Woody has talked about how fatherhood changed him and how he regrets not spending more time with his kids when they were younger. 

He is a family man who enjoys having his loved ones by his side at important events.

Deni, with her father Woody, was seen in the premiere of her father's movie Champions. Woody was with his wife, Laura Louie, and two of their daughters, Zoe and Deni. Their third daughter, Makani, was not there. 

Woody was previously married to Nancy Simon.

Deni Montana Harrelson's father and sister.
Deni Montana Harrelson's father and sister. Source: Pinterest


Deni Montana was born in 1993 and celebrates her birthday on February 28 every year.

She is 30 years old as of 2023. Her birth sign is Pisces.

Net Worth

As an American actor, her father Woody's net worth is about $70 Million.

Woody And Matthew McConaughey Might Be Half-Brothers

Rumors were going on that actor Matthew McConaughey might be Woody's brother.

These rumors started when Matthew’s mom, Kay, mentioned it during a conversation in Greece.

She said she might have known Woody’s dad in the same Texas area. 

Matthew and Woody find it strange because they have always had a close friendship, and even their families treat each other like relatives. 

Somehow, they look so similar that sometimes people mix up their pictures. 

Now, they are considering taking a DNA test to see if they are half-brothers. 

But Matthew is hesitant because it could mean finding out that his dad might not be his biological father, which is a big deal for him. 

On the other hand, Woody is more open to the idea because he sees it as gaining a brother. 

They have been friends and collaborators for a long time. They are working together in movies like EDtv and True Detective

Woody Talked About TV Shows Getting More Recognized

Woody talked about his career. He mentioned turning down roles in famous movies like Jerry Maguire

He also shared his interest in veganism, the environment, and cannabis, but he doesn’t try to push these beliefs on others. 

Woody tells stories from his early days in the entertainment industry, especially from his time on the TV show Cheers

He talked about how he changed from TV to movies and is open to different roles. 

He also talked about his spiritual beliefs, saying that he is not religious but likes some aspects of different religions like Hinduism

He remembers meeting a famous actor, Jimmy Stewart, and how the industry changed when big movie stars started doing TV shows like True Detective

Woody also talked about how TV has become a great way to tell stories, and many famous actors are interested in doing TV shows. 

He mentioned actors like Bradley Cooper and Tom Hardy who have done TV. 

Woody himself is excited about doing more TV shows in the future. 

And he points out that even legendary actress Meryl Streep is doing TV now. So TV is also getting the same respect as movies nowadays. 

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