Who Is Nancy Simon? Ex-Wife Woody Harrelson

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Who Is Nancy Simon? Ex-Wife Woody Harrelson

Nancy Simon is the ex-wife an American actor and playwright Woody Harrelson. 

Nancy was born to her parents, Neil Simon and Joan Baim

Her mom and dad raised her with her two siblings. She is a writer.

She is currently married to David Florimbi, an artist. They tied a knot in 1992. They have one child together.

She is an American citizen

Nancy Simon with her husband David Florimbi
Nancy Simon with her husband David Florimbi Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Woody 

Woody is currently married to Laura Louie, co-founder of organic food service. 

They happily tied their knot back in 2008.

They met each other back in 1987, and at that time, Laura used to work as an assistant for Woody

They have three kids together, and all of them are daughters. 

Past relationship of Woody 

Woody was previously in a relationship with Nancy. They tied their knot in 1985

They wanted to end their marriage the next day, but had to stay as husband and wife for ten months due to some reasons.

Their divorce was finalized in the year 1986.

Nancy Simon's ex-husband Woody Harrelson
Nancy Simon's ex-husband Woody Harrelson Source: Instagram


Her ex-husband's age is 60 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Woody is $70 Million. His source of income is actor and playwright. 

Woody Is A Freeloader

In the interview with Ellen, Woody talked about many interesting things. 

He talked about his cat, which he doesn’t remember how exactly it looks. 

It was funny how he doesn’t remember about cat looks as it was for many years. 

He then opened up about him being a freeloader. 

The interviewee asked him about his trip to Europe, where he spent his whole trip in other people's boats. 

For that, Woody said that he spent his trip in other boats and in other's houses. 

He totally agreed that he is a freeloader and he doesn’t spend any money while he goes traveling. 

He said that he invites himself to other places.

Left The Smoking

Woody opened up about him being a smoker. 

He revealed that he used to smoke a lot, but some time back, in an interview with Jimmy, Woody revealed that he quit smoking, and it was shocking for Jimmy. 

He said that he smoked a lot. Then he talked about Willie Nelson, a good friend of his. 

After quitting smoking, the hardest part for him was to tell Willie about him quitting smoking. 

He didn’t know how to tell him, and while he was sitting with Willie, he pretended as if he had been smoking for a while because he didn’t want his friend to know about him quitting smoking, but later, he told Willie that he left smoking. 

He revealed in the interview that he left smoking a year and a half ago.

Got Arrested For Dancing

Woody was arrested by police when he was 21 years old. 

The reason behind him getting under the custody of police was dancing in the middle of the road. 

It was known that police officers arrested him on the charge of disturbing the peace. 

Woody was found dancing in the middle of a busy road, which was the reason behind him arrested. 

Not only that, but he also tried to escape from the police officer after he got caught. 

He was not sent to jail as he was freed by paying a fine. 

Went To College With Vice President 

Woody went to Hanover College, and at the time, vice president Mike Pence also went to that same college as a student. 

Woody opened up that he had known him since that time, and he opened up about him and Mike being the same as they both were very religious. 

Woody opened up that he got a scholarship in that college, and the scholarship was a Plrepressbyterian Scholarship. 

He talked about Mike Pence, saying that he had liked him since his college time as he is a good person, and he told that Mike is a different brand of religion.  

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