Who Is Denise Maxey? Mother Of Tyrese Maxey

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Who Is Denise Maxey? Mother Of Tyrese Maxey

Denise Maxey is the mother of Tyrese Maxey, an American Professional basketball player. He is also known as “Mad Maxey.” 

Denise is married to Tyrone Maxey. Denise is very supportive of her son. 

She is often seen watching her son in his games. She seems loving mom.

Denise Maxey with her son, Tyrese Maxey.
Denise Maxey with her son, Tyrese Maxey. Source: Twitter

Tyrese Talks About Growing Up In Dallas

Tyrese grew up in Dallas with his family. He was born to Denise Maxey and Tyrone Maxey

In a podcast episode with RJ Hampton, Maxey talks about growing up in Dallas.

He and host RJ are childhood friends. They grew up together. 

In their school, they had a basketball team. RJ asked Maxey what being on the Dallas basketball team felt like. 

Maxey starts by saying it means a lot to him; everything was very competitive there, and every member had a certain level of respect for each other. 

They were not very close but greeted each other respectfully. And they appreciated each other.

Maxey's father, Tyrone, was also a basketball player. So Tyrone trained him growing up. 

His father is the reason for his passion for basketball. However, Tyrone was very tough on him about training. 

His parents used to film his game and watch it later together. And with everything they did, while he was training, he feels appreciated.

Maxey has three sisters Denasia, Talia, and Keiara Maxey. He is the only male child in his house. 

Denise Maxey with her daughter.
Denise Maxey with her daughter. Source: Twitter

He grew up in a house surrounded by women. His older sister has twins now. 

Growing up with women, he learned how to treat women right, and it was a blessing. He appreciates all the women around him. 


Denise is from Indiana. She was born in 1975. She is 48 years old as of 2023

Net Worth

Her professional basketball player son Tyrese's net worth is estimated at $5 Million

He is the 146th best-paid guard and the 9th best-paid player of Philadelphia in 2023

Denise Maxey's son Tyrese Maxey.
Denise Maxey's son Tyrese Maxey. Source: Instagram

Tyrese Dealing With Trolls

Being a celebrity, they must deal with many rumors beyond their imagination. However, Maxey is a fun-loving person. 

He is always seen smiling and goofing around, so he saw a post about “Maxey never had a bad day in his life.” 

He replied that he also had a bad day, but he didn't want the others to know about it.

That is why Maxey smiles a lot. It's usually genuine because he is happy and blessed to be who he is now. 

Maxey was compared to Allen Iverson, a former American professional basketball player

When he was asked about how he felt to be compared to Allen. 

He continued by saying that Allen is an outstanding player and feels happy to be compared to him. 

He calls him Allen OG ( slang for legend) and encourages him to be the one. 

He is working on making big achievements like him in the future. His fans look up to him. 

And Maxey feels very much appreciated. He is a very hard-working man. He worked hard for his dream and got where he always wanted to be. 

He explained how he didn’t have the privilege of having a father who plays in the league, and he had to achieve all by himself. 

He had to create on his own like every average person, so he felt connected to his fans and thinks like, he had in common with his fans. 

And he created the best version of himself. And now he is a successful basketball player.

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