Who Is Tyrone Maxey? Father Of Tyrese Maxey

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Who Is Tyrone Maxey? Father Of Tyrese Maxey

Tyrone Maxey is the father of a professional basketball player named Tyrese Maxey.

Tyrone himself is a former basketball player, now the director of Recruiting for SMU's Basketball team.

He is married to his wife, Denise Maxey. He is the father of four children, three daughters, Denaisa, Talia, and Keiara, and a son, Tyrese. He is an American citizen. 

Tyrone Maxey's wife and their son.
Tyrone Maxey's wife and their son. Source: Twitter

About His Son

Tyrese is a professional basketball player. He currently plays for his team Philadelphia and the National basketball association. 

Tyrese has been playing for the Philadelphia team since 2020.

He was born to his parents in 2004. Tyrone grew up with his three sisters. He has his birthday on November 4

Tyrone Maxey's son Tyrese Maxey.
Tyrone Maxey's son Tyrese Maxey. Source: Instagram

Is Tyrese Married? 

Tyrese isn't married yet, nor is he dating anyone now. 

However, there has been a name linked with Tyrese.

It is assumed that Tyrese is having an affair with 17 years old Lavender Briggs, a basketball player. 

The gossip about their dating started after being seen together many times, but none have talked about anything on this matter yet.

Age And Net Worth 

His son Tyrese is 22 years old. Tyrese has a net worth estimated at $1 -$5 Million.

Tyrone Maxey with his son, Tyrese Maxey.
Tyrone Maxey with his son, Tyrese Maxey. Source: Instagram

Tyrese Nearly Lost His Family

Tyrese is very close to his family, and his family has always been very supportive of him. 

In December 2021, Tyrese invited his mom, dad, and siblings to his house for Christmas.

It was Christmas, and he had all planned to celebrate with his family. 

Tyrese and his whole family were having a great time on Christmas Eve

They played, listened to songs, and got a special family dinner. 

That was when Tyrese's sister noticed smoke coming from the laundry. 

So immediately, they checked and realized that the Tyrese house was on fire. 

Tyrese took his whole family out. The fire was massive, and everything inside the house burned into ashes. 

Thankfully none of his family members got harmed. But it was a sad thing for Tyrese to see his own house burned down in flames.

Tyrese Got His Work Ethics From His Parents

Tyrese is one of the best NBA players, and throughout his career, his mom and dad have always stood up for him.

Tyrese opened up in the interview, saying he has a good relationship with his parents. 

He constantly texts his mother and face time 4-5 times a day. His dad also calls him and shares his thoughts on Tyrese's game which helps him improve and grow. 

Tyrese got the courage and inspiration to face challenges in his career and revealed that it was all because of his parents. 

Growing up, his grandmom lived with his family, and both grandmothers were hardworking. 

Looking at them, Tyrese's parents also became dedicated and hard working towards their work. 

His mom and dad were both very work ethical and growing up, Tyrese saw his parents working so hard every day, which he made him work ethic too.

Tyrese Is Adjusting

Tyrese gave an interview to the Philadelphia 76ers where he talked about adjusting to his new role as a playmaker. 

He has been playing for a long time, but now he is responsible for setting up his team as a playmaker. 

It was a new thing for him, but he is trying to do the things that are uncomfortable for him. 

He is doing what he can and is a bit harsh on himself. He is now focused on setting up his teams. 

He doesn't care about self-scoring because, as a scorer, he knows the opportunity to where he can score, so the scoring is not what he cares about. 

He is happy that his teammates are supportive of him. He is clear and focused on involving more teammates for scoring in his new role.

Tyrese Got Compared To Allen Iverson

Tyrese is a great NBA player, and many people see the potential that Tyrese can be the greatest player in the world.

Among them, Dr. J believed and saw the potential, which made Tyrese compare with Sixers Hall of Famer Allen Iverson, a retired legendary basketball player. 

Tyrese felt so appreciated and proud when hearing that from Dr. J, and he also revealed that he has talked with Allen and always shows faith and support to Tyrese. 

Allen told Tyrese many times that he would be one of the best in the future, which motivated him.

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