Who Is Denise Oher? Mother Of Michael Oher

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Denise Oher is the mother of Michael Oher, an American football tacker.

Michael's Tragic Childhood

Michael's real parents are Denise Oher and Michael Jerome William

His mom used drugs, and his dad was in jail. 

This led to Michael being put in foster care and even being homeless. 

When Michael was in high school, the Tuohys family invited him to live with them. 

He was good at football and eventually played for a college team. His story became famous, and a movie called The Blind Side was made based on his story.

Now, there is a problem between Oher and Tuohy. He says they used their control over his money unfairly. 

The court canceled their control. Michael's relationship with the family has gotten worse. 

Michael's biological parents were from Memphis. His mom had many children, Michael, Marcus, Carlos, John, Andre, Deljuan, Rico, Tara, and Denise Oher

That is why Michael ended up in foster care and homeless. 

Denise Oher's son Michael Oher.
Denise Oher's son, Michael Oher. Source: Instagram


Denise's age is not public yet. 

Net Worth

Her son Michael's net worth is about 12 Million Dollars.

Michael's Disagreement With The Tuohy Family

There is a movie about Michael named The Blind Side

The people who made the movie are trying to clear up misunderstandings and wrong ideas about the film. 

There’s been a disagreement between the family in the movie the Tuohy and Michael

He said the Tuohy didn’t adopt him and took control of his money. 

The people who made the movie explained that the Tuohy family and Michael were paid around $767,000

This was a fair payment back when the movie was made, and it wasn’t a lot even though the film became successful. 

They want to clarify that the Tuohy didn’t get massive amounts of money at Michael’s expense. 

Michael shared he only found out he wasn't adopted in 2023 and was tricked into giving control of his money to the Tuohy after turning 18

The Tuohy family’s lawyer says these claims are hurtful and not actual. 

The movie The Blind Side made a lot of money and was based on a book. 

It earned over $330 million at the box office and has made even more money over time. 

Michael's Wife And Children

Michael is a father to four kids with his wife, Tiffany Roy. Michael's childhood was tough.

His mom had problems, and his dad was in and out of jail before he was killed. Michael had a hard time growing up. 

He was often homeless or in foster care. The Tuohy family took him in the high school, and things started changing for him. 

He went from being alone and almost broke to graduating high school and getting a college football scholarship. 

But later, Michael said the Tuohy lied about adopting him and making money from his story. 

Michael played in the NFL and won a Super Bowl. Now that he is retired, he is focused on being a good dad to his four kids. 

He loves his family and takes being a father seriously. 

He expects his kids to do well in school and holds them to high standards. He wants to give them a better childhood than he had. 

Michael's oldest son, Kobi, played a unique role in his wedding. 

Michael and Tiffany also have a daughter named Kierstin from Tiffany's previous relationship. 

They welcomed their first child together, a son named MJ, in 2013

MJ was born early and was very small but strong. He is now into sports. 

Their youngest child, Naivi, is their greatest gift, and Michael is determined to give his kids a better life than he had.

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