Who Is Dennis Alan Taylor? Father Of Anya Taylor-Joy

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Who Is Dennis Alan Taylor? Father Of Anya Taylor-Joy

Dennis Alan Taylor is the father of British-American actress Anya Taylor-Joy. Dennis is a former banker. 

He's married to Jennifer Marina Joy, a psychologist. He belongs to the British-Scottish ethnicity. However, he is a British-American citizen by his nationality.

Dennis Alan Taylor's daughter and wife.
Dennis Alan Taylor's daughter and wife. Source: Pinterest

About Daughter Anya

Anya is an actress well known for her appearance in the movie The Witch and the well-known series Peaky Blinders

She was born in the year 1996. Anya has five siblings.

She has her birthday on April 16.

Dennis Alan Taylor with his daughter, Anya Taylor-Joy.
Dennis Alan Taylor with his daughter, Anya Taylor-Joy. Source: Glamour

Is Anya Married? 

Anya is not married yet, but she does have a boyfriend. She is currently dating Malcolm McRae

They have been dating since 2021 but kept their relationship lowkey. 

The couple first showed up together at the Oscar pre-party in 2022.  

There has also been some gossip about them getting hitched, but it's yet to be confirmed from the couple’s side. 

Anya Taylor-Joy with her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae.
Anya Taylor-Joy with her boyfriend, Malcolm McRae. Source: Life&Style

Who Has Anya Dated?

In 2017, Anya had an affair with Eoin Macken. 

Anya opened up about her relationship with Eoin through her Instagram, where she posted a cozy picture of them. Their affair lasted only for two years. 

After that, Anya dated Ben Seed in 2020. However, their relationship was too short, and they soon broke up.

Age And Net Worth 

Dennis was born in February 1940, and his current age is 83.

His daughter Anya's net worth is estimated to be $7 million.

Dennis Alan Taylor's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy.
Dennis Alan Taylor's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy. Source: Instagram

Jimmy Fallon Saved Anya

Anya was invited to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” as a guest, where she appeared in a fabulous dress and shoes. 

She then revealed something about Jimmy Fallon that even Jimmy forgot and couldn’t remember. 

She opened up that she was saved in Met Gala, which Jimmy kept her could have gone worse. 

She wore a substantial, heavy dress for the event, which was beautiful but difficult to handle. 

As it was a big dress, she strolled on the Gala's red carpet. She then encountered Hailee Steinfeld, who passed her. 

Her dress was also very complicated. Anya's dress was then tangled into Hailee’s dress and was going to fall. 

She felt like she was about to die. But fortunately, Jimmy caught her before she fell. 

Anya Doesn’t Have A Home

Anya was interviewed in the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” about her frequent transfer of places since her birth. 

She revealed that she was born in London, United States. But after she was born, she moved to Argentina very soon. 

Her whole family was in Argentina, and she stayed there until she was six. She hence has an Argentine look on her face. 

But after that, she moved to the United Kingdom. There she started to act at a young age. 

So, her life was like a perfect fairy tale, as she had great energy from the beginning. But she didn’t know how to speak English until she was 8. 

She was forced to speak English, saying she would be sent back to Argentina if she didn’t learn English

But she knew that people were lying to her. So instead, she learned the English language to make some friends in school. 

Anya Copies From Everyone

Anya was raised in a lot of diversity as she went around the world while growing up.  

So, she didn’t know how to speak English with a perfect accent. 

She went to three different countries, but as she learned English so late, she didn’t have a particular accent. 

She said she looks at people around her and tries copying them. It’s not what she wants to do, but it is what happens to her automatically.

She shared a memory of her where she felt a bit awkward while talking in English

She was in Ireland for her work and conversing with people around her. 

She automatically copied the ascent of the Ireland people while speaking. She didn’t want people to think that she was making fun of the people around her. 

Anya Designs Her Clothes

Anya did her first late-night show with “The Late Night Show with James Corden” before lockdown. 

After the lockdown, she also arrived at the same show with her costar Ben Schwartz

There they talked about her success in the past two years. 

She said she was still processing everything and waiting for Christmas to relax as she worked continuously. 

They also talked about fashion. Ben and Anya were fashion freaks and knew much about fashion and related things. 

She was even wearing a beautiful dress designed by a great designer with her touch. 

It was also revealed that she mainly designs her clothes as well.

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