Who Is Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho? Mother Of Anya Taylor-Joy

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Who Is Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho? Mother Of Anya Taylor-Joy

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho is the mother of actress and model Anya Taylor-Joy. In addition, she is a psychologist, photographer, and decorator.

She has two biological children and four step-children. She was raised in Zambia by her parents, David Joy and Montserrat Morancho

She is married to Dennis Taylor, who is from Argentina and worked as a banker. She is British by nationality, and she is also half-Spanish.

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy, and husband.
Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy, and husband. Source: Pinterest

Is Daughter Anya Dating Anyone?

Anya is in a relationship with Malcolm Mcrae. They have been dating each other since 2021.

Her boyfriend is a musician and is a member of a band called 'More.' 

In an interview with British Vogue, she gushed about him, saying she found someone who has the same vibe as hers. 

She added everything works well between the two. The couple first appeared in 2022 at a pre-Oscar party in West Hollywood

In 2023 the two walked the Golden Globe red carpet together. 

Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy.
Jennifer Marina Joy-Morancho's daughter Anya Taylor-Joy. Source: Instagram

Anya Talked About Being Bullied Because Of Her Looks

In an interview, Anya shared that she was bullied in school. She dropped out of school as her classmate taunted her. 

She said that she was lucky to have a supportive family who taught her to love herself and find beauty within rather than external appearances and worldly things. 

She said her parents treated her like an adult right from an early age. 


Her daughter Anya is 26 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Anya's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Jimmy Fallon Saved Anya's Life

In the 2022 Met Gala, Jimmy Kimmel saved Anya Taylor's life. 

Anya was wearing a cumbersome dress, struggling to move, and just wanted to get through the evening. 

She said she was at Met's top of the stairs where Hailee Seinfeld walked past her. 

She was wearing a long three complicated train dress, and she got wrapped in her dress. 

Anya thought that she was going to die at the steps of Met. Suddenly Jimmy came and pulled her out. 

Anya Owes Her Career To Beach Boys

Beach Boy is an American rock band formed in 1961. Anya grew up listening to 50s and 60s songs. 

She said the 60s songs were her jam. She was at their concert. She ran to the very front and sang all of their songs.

Mike Love, the lead singer of the band, stopped the concert and said that there was a child in the crowd singing every song. 

He called her up on the stage and handed up a guitar. She was 14 at that time. 

She said she didn’t know how to play but just dido whatever she wanted. So she pretended to play guitar like crazy. 

Then she got scouted from modeling. She also showed the concert video and asked if she was playing guitar. 

They believed that she was slaying it. But she said that she was acting. So this was how her acting journey started. 

Anya Shared The Story Behind Her Halloween Dress

Anya dressed up as Princess Peach for Halloween. She said she was in the desert in Australia for seven months shooting for Mad Max Furiosa

She said she landed in the morning on the same day as the Halloween party

She agreed to go to the party but didn’t know that the party was on the day she returned. 

She was not prepared for the party as she had nothing to wear. 

She had a pink dress sewed on the bottom of the dress and wore a crown on her house. 

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