Who Is Dennis Page? Father Of Elliot Page

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Who Is Dennis Page? Father Of Elliot Page

Dennis Page is a graphic designer. Besides being a graphic designer, he is a celebrity father. 

He is the father of Ellen Page, who is mostly recognized as Elliot Page now. 

Elliot is a famous Canadian actor and producer

Dennis is a very simple man who fell in love with a professional teacher, Martha Philpotts.

Dennis Page with his wife Martha Philpotts and son Elliot Page.
Dennis Page with his wife Martha Philpotts and son Elliot Page. Source: Pinterest

Son Elliot's Love Life

Elliot was in love with Emma Portner

The ex-couple met in 2017, and since then, they have started liking each other. 

They knew each other through social media. The ex-couple shared their collaborated first reel on social media in 2017.

In their video, Emma danced, and Elliot sang a song. 

They even posted another video where both danced in the song Slack Jaw.

Around September 2017, the ex-duo shared their first public appearance in a movie premiere. 

Elliot had posted a photo of them on his social media account about the day. After a year, the ex-lovebirds got married

After tying the knot in a private ceremony, they became the official husband and wife.

The ex-couples were happy and shared wonderful memories with their fans. 

After a year, in an interview, Elliot shared that his wedding night was the best day of his life. 

The couple celebrated pride month by sharing a topless photo on their Instagram account.

The ex-partner never had kids. After three years of their marriage, they filed for a divorce. 

They said they would always remain friends. They even revealed that the decision was very difficult for them to take.

Dennis Page's son Elliot Page with his ex-wife Emma Portner.
Dennis Page's son Elliot Page with his ex-wife Emma Portner. Source: Pinterest


Dennis's son Elliot is 35 years old. He was born on February 21, 1987, in Canada

Net Worth

Dennis's son Elliot has a net worth of 8 million dollars. He is earning a good amount of money from his acting career as he has played different roles in different movies and series since his teenage.

Dennis Page's son Elliot Page
Dennis Page's son Elliot Page Source: Instagram

Elliot Came Out As A Gay

Elliot has been acting in a lot of movies since her childhood. The actor was also nominated for an Oscar award

But in 2014, he took the life-changing step where he came out as gay. 

In a human rights event, he declared himself gay by saying he was tired of hiding and lying because he feared coming out in public as gay.

He even shared that he suffered greatly because of his fear of standing out.

Elliot Had A Break Down Point

Elliot revealed that people continuously said he could not come as gay. 

He had to stay quiet and be someone he was not because of this lie and the pressure of people he could not be comfortable. 

He said it was soul-destroying to him as he was to pretend to be someone.

He revealed that he was forced to wear dresses and heels during photoshoots.

The day from which he started revealing herself, he felt it was his duty to make things comfortable for all those who were going through the same thing. 

In 2015, Elliot was involved in glycation, making a resourceful documentary. 

Even after being open about his sexuality, everyone did not support him. 

He had a really bad breaking point after all that happened. 

Ellen Official Name Change

In 2020, Elliot officially changed his name from Ellen to Elliot

He wrote a long paragraph saying he will be what he is and try to do work in a better place to live each day.

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