Who Is Martha Philpotts? Mother Of Elliot Page

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Who Is Martha Philpotts? Mother Of Elliot Page

Martha Philpotts is better known as the mother of Canadian actor and producer Elliot Page. Martha is married to Dennis Page

Her husband is a graphic designer. She is a teacher by profession.

Martha Philpotts's son Elliot Page.
Martha Philpotts's son Elliot Page. Source: Instagram

Is Elliot Married?

Elliot was designated as female during his birth. In 2020 she came out as transgender

Elliot was in a relationship with Emma, a dancer and choreographer.

He spotted Emma on Instagram. They started dating after knowing each other through social media. 

Elliot Page with his ex-wife Emma Porter.
Elliot Page with his ex-wife Emma Porter. Source: Pinterest

The couple finally met on the set of Umbrella academy, where Porter was hired to do choreography for a dance scene. 

They were very open about their relationship. They got secretly married in early 2018.

They announced their wedding through her Instagram handle. 

But their marriage lasted only three years as Page filed for a divorce in 2021

They do not share any kids.


Martha's son Elliot is 36 years old. He is 5 feet 1 inch tall

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He has managed to earn his fortune from his acting career

He is not just an established actor but also a producer.

Martha Philpotts with her husband Dennis Page and son Elliot Page
Martha Philpotts with her husband Dennis Page and son Elliot Page. Source: Instagram

Daughter Came Out As Gay

Elliot came out as gay in 2014. Elliot came out openly in public while giving a beautiful speech. 

In an interview, he said that while he was giving that speech and talking about his sexuality, he was more nervous than ever. 

He feared that he might have a panic attack while doing that. 

But in the end, he was able to do that, and finally, he was happy and grateful. 

He was excited and ready to come out, and he was thrilled that he was at the place in his life where he was prepared to be out and loud. 

After coming out as gay, he felt very relieved and comfortable. 

He shared that he could not open out, thinking that it was a shame, and later realized that it was not a shame to hide such things and decided to come out. 

Elliot Opened Up About Coming Out As Transgender

Elliot spoke about his journey after coming out as transgender in 2020.

He said that he feels joy and presence after doing so. He never thought that he could feel that way. 

He said that sometimes it is overwhelming for him. He wants to connect and inspire people through his journey. 

He wrote in Esquire about how happy he feels and present he feels in his body. 

He said that he is becoming a better person every day. He is embracing his experience. 

He gets to learn many things as he grows. 

Elliot's Struggled With Mental Health 

In 2007, Elliot had a breakout role in a movie named Juno. He even bagged an Academy nomination for that role. 

In an interview, he revealed that after the movie's massive success, he was pressured to talk about the film in many events, almost killing him. 

He said he was dressed in high heels, which he was not okay about. 

He did not know how to talk about those things at that time. 

He recalled one incident at the Toronto International Film festival promoting his movie where his manager asked him to put on a dress on a red carpet event where his male co-star was okay with slacks and sneakers. 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, he revealed that he had major panic attacks and struggled with depression and anxiety.

The pressure to live up to how a woman dresses leads him to collapse at moments. 

It made him unwell while changing into clothes that he was not comfortable with.

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