Diana Jenkins

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Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins is a Bosnian entrepreneur, TV personality and philanthropist. 

She is well known for her appearance in The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills

She was born to an accountant mother Rasida Catic and an economist father, Smajo Catic

She has two younger siblings. She is of Bosnian nationality. 

Parents of Diana Jenkins
Parents of Diana Jenkins  Source: Instagram 

Marriage And Children

Diana was married to Roger Jenkins. The couple dated for a certain time and decided to get married to each other after that. 

The couple happily tied the knot in 1999. They have two adorable children together, Eneya and Innis

Everything was going fine between Diana and Roger, but somehow things didn't go as they thought, and because of that, the couple ended their marriage in 2011

Is Diana single now?

The famous TV personality ended her first marriage, but as of 2022, she is currently in a happy relationship with Asher Monroe, a musician. 

He is younger than Diana, but it seems like the couple is happy. 

They have one daughter together named Eliyanah Monroe, who was born in November 2020. It is unknown when they started dating.

Diana Jenkins with her partner Asher Monroe
Diana Jenkins with her partner Asher Monroe  Source: Instagram 

About Diana Jenkins 

Diana was born on the year 1973. Her full name is Sanela Diana Jenkins.

Diana was born to a middle-class family where her parents raised her with her two younger siblings. 

Coming up from a middle-class family, she worked very hard to reach where she is now. 

She is a successful entrepreneur now and is of worth millions. She has now started her new journey in acting. 

In 2021 December, she joined the famous reality TV show "The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills" Season 12

She is a talented woman who gives her best in what she does.

Diana Jenkins with her baby girl
Diana Jenkins with her baby girl  Source: Instagram


Diana is 48-49 years old. Her height is 1.88m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Diana is $300 Million. She earns as being an entrepreneur and TV personality. 

Diana Jenkins Considers Herself Happiest

Diana is also a kind-hearted person who provides free service to people. She considers herself the happiest person in the entire world. 

According to her, there are many people more privileged than her. Much more beautiful than her and who has a great financial status. 

But she has never met anyone happier than she is. It is not that she has not gone through pain and suffering. 

She does have ups and downs in her life too. 

But at the end of the day, she always is happy about her life, what she has and what she does.

Jenkins Established The Foundation For Her Brother Who Died On War

Diana is a millionaire. But money is not the only thing that defines her. 

Her good deeds are also something that people know her for. 

She has established a foundation to help her country in her brother's name, who died during a war. 

This is not the first time that she has done something good. 

She has a lot of foundation that fights for people's needs and helps them have a better life. 

Diana Jenkins Wants To Fight For People

Diana is a kind-hearted person with a great thinking.

At her status, she can enjoy her life, caring less about other's life. But her nature is not like that. 

She loves to be a voice for the people who needs it and also try to help people in different ways. 

She frequently speaks for human rights and fights for it as well. For this, she was honored by a foundation as well.

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