Diane Bass

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Diane Bass

Diane Bass is the mother of American singer, actor, television producer and dancer Lance Bass

Diane is married to James Irvin Bass, Jr., Diane is middle school mathematics, English and Career Discovery teacher. 

Diane has a daughter and a son with James. She is American.    

Diane Bass with his son
Diane Bass with his son  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Lance Bass

Lance is bisexual by his sexuality. He has dated both males and females. 

Lance was in a relationship with Danielle Fishel previously. They both dated back in 1999

They stayed as a couple for a year only and later broke up. In 2006 Bass dated Reichen Lehmkuhl.  

Their relationship was very short-lived as they ended their relationship after dating each other for a month.

After that, Bass got into a relationship with Michael Turchin. Michael is a painter and actor. 

They both dated in 2011. After two years of dating, they got engaged. 

In 2014 the couple got happily married to each other. 

As of 2021, they are still together and happily living with each other, and they also have twin children who were through surrogacy.

Lance with his boyfriend and children
Lance with his boyfriend and children  Source: Instagram

About Lance Bass 

Lance’s full name is James Lance Bass is an American singer, actor, dancer and television producer. 

He was raised in Mississippi. He is the one who pursued a singing career and then later showed his presence as an actor and producer. 

He has appeared in many TV shows. As a dancer, he took part in dancing with the stars.

He is a married man who is bisexual by sexuality and has two children with his male partner.

Lance posing for a photo
Lance posing for a photo  Source: Instagram


Her son is 42 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Lance is $22 Million. His source of income is professional singer-actor and producer. 

Lance Bass Got A File Cased On Him

Lance is a famous American singer; hence many people look up to him and follow him.

In 2013, his fans and followers got to know the dark side of Lance

A guy named Moughalian case a file against the singer. He was filed with the case of hit and run. 

According to the victim, Lance was speeding on his Kawasaki bike. 

Lance changed his lane, and he hit the guy simultaneously. 

Not only did he hit the guy, but he also ran off after hitting the guy. 

The victim suffered a permanent disability for his entire life.

Lance Bass Was Sexually Harassed

In the entertainment industry, many girls go through sexual harassment. 

But in the case of Lance, being a boy, he was also harassed. 

Back then, when he was just a 16 years old teenager. He worked with a person for his and his team’s song and projects. 

At the same time, the respective person touched him and his band members inappropriately. 

At that time, they didn’t feel that they were sexually harassed and hence didn’t report to the police or investigation center. 

But as they grew up as mature people, they realized that it was wrong and was pure harassment. They were victim of harassment. They still have not revealed that person’s name.

Lance Bass Is Now A Father

Lance is married to his boyfriend Michael Turchin. They both always wanted a child of their own. 

Hence they decided to have a child. Luckily they gave birth to a twin through a surrogate.

Lance announced the birth of their babies using his Instagram

He was too happy and excited to share the news with his fans and followers. 

He captioned the birth certificate photo of her babies as “Verified The baby dragons have arrived” on his Instagram

He also thanked his fans for all the positive wishes and was too excited to be a father. The babies got born on October 13, 2021.

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