Who Is James Irvin Bass Jr.? Father Of Lance Bass

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Who Is James Irvin Bass Jr.? Father Of  Lance Bass

James Irvin Bass Jr. is the father of singer, dancer, actor, film producer, and podcaster Lance Bass. He is a medical technologist by profession. 

He is married to Diane Bass, and his wife is a middle school mathematics, English, and career discovery teacher

James Irvin Bass Jr.'s wife and son.
James Irvin Bass Jr.'s wife and son. Source: Instagram

Is Lance Married?

Lance is married to Michael Turchin. Their friendship turned into love in 2011. They two tied the knot in 2014

Their marriage ceremony was aired on television. It was the first-ever same-sex wedding to be aired on television. 

They welcomed twins in 2021

Family of Lance Bass.
Family of Lance Bass. Source: Instagram


Lance is 44 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 78 kg.

Net worth

His son Lance's net worth is estimated to be $20 million

James Was Petrified About Coming Out In Front Of His Parents

James hid his sexual orientation for years. 

He recalled that when he was a kid, he was taught that homosexuality was a sin, and he used to say pray the gay away. 

He said that every night, he used to pray to God about fixing him. He was born into a conservative family in a small town in Mississippi

He was very concerned about how he spoke and behaved in front of others so they wouldn’t discover his secret. 

He said he heard many stories about parents not accepting their gay kids. 

He was afraid of losing his family after coming out as gay in front of them. He added he never wanted to hurt his family. 

He got depressed because of that. Bass decided to come out of the closet, and he told his mom, and she was surprised. 

Her mom took weeks to speak to her son again. His dad was okay with it, but his mother needed time to accept it. 

Finally, his parents accepted him the way he was. 

His parents lost some friends after discovering Lance's sexuality, and they even left the church, but they were okay with that. 

Lance Talked About Coming Out To Britney Spears

Lance shared that Britney Spears was one of the few people to know that he was gay at the very beginning. 

He came out as gay in front of her on her wedding night in 2004

He shared they went to Vegas to see the craziness, and Britney was upset after she realized what she had done. 

He said Britney was crying the whole time, and he took her to her room and told her he was gay. 

He said he wanted to tell her something that would make her stop crying. He shared she was supportive. 

Lance Loved How Accepting The Younger Generation Is About The LGBTQ Community

Lance said he never had examples of gay people from the industry while growing up. He had no one to look up to. 

He added he is pleased to see the change as the young generation is very open about it, and there are so many gay people out there in public from the entertainment industry. 

He said he was happy to see young people accepting who they are. He told the fans also to get them the way they are. 

He shared that when he came out in 2006, it was on the cover of People magazine, but nowadays, if anyone comes out as gay in public, nobody cares about it, and they are not on any big magazine covers. 

He said people find it normal. He revealed when he came out, his nieces were small, and they didn't understand why people were making significant issues about his sexuality. 

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