Dmytro Rebrov – Tragedy Of Serhiy Rebrov Son

by Pragya Wed May 15 2024 Updated On Wed May 15 2024
Dmytro Rebrov – Tragedy Of Serhiy Rebrov Son

Dmytro Rebrov is the son of Ukrainian professional football manager and former football player Serhiy Rebrov

His mom’s name is Lyudmila Rebrov. His parents are no longer together as they got divorced. 

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About Dmytro’s dad Serhiy

Serhiy is a professional football manager and former football player. He is currently the manager of the Ukraine nation team

As a footballer, Serhiy had played for many football clubs and also played in the national team. He retired from player in 2009 and started a coaching career. 

He was born in the year 1974 and is a Ukrainian citizen by nationality. 

His father moved on with life

Serhiy is married to his wife, Anna Robrova

The couple has been married since 2016, and prior to their marriage, Anna was the girlfriend of Serhiy for many years.

Anna is Serhiy’s second wife, and shortly after their marriage, they welcomed their son Nikitka in the same year. 

They also have another son who is now five years old named Sashunya.

Dmytro Rebrov father Serhiy Rebrov with his wife Anna Robrova and children
Dmytro Rebrov father Serhiy Rebrov with his wife Anna Robrova and children. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth

His father, Serhiy, is 49 years old. He has the net worth is still under review. His source of income is football career. 

Dmytro Rebrov father Serhiy Rebrov with his wife Anna Robrova
Dmytro Rebrov father Serhiy Rebrov with his wife Anna Robrova. Source: Instagram

His father praised his player

Serhiy is currently the coach of the Ukrainian National Team. His team, Ukraine, played against England in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. 

The match ended with 1-1 draw and after that match Serhiy talked about the game in the press conference. 

He said that he was extremely satisfied with the game and with his players. His team had good control of the ball and praised the players for their defensive skills. 

He admitted that playing with England was not easy as it’s one of the toughest teams with great players, but his team was no less during the qualifiers match. 

His players did the defense part well and managed to stop the attacking players of England, for which he thanked his players. 

Serhiy dedicated their win to the country? 

On March 27, Ukraine played the match against Iceland

Ukraine won the match with a score of 1 – 0 against Iceland, leading the team one step closer to the Euro Cup

After the great match, the manager of the national team, Serhiy, proudly showed his gratefulness toward his team players for making it possible. 

The two matches for Ukraine were difficult and stressful, but with the good players, Ukraine showed their amazing performance. 

Serhiy dedicated the win to the country Ukraine and its supporters. 

He also dedicated the win to the Ukrainian soldiers protecting and fighting the war with Russia for their freedom.

Serhiy's team could not play in their home ground for Euro 2024?

Serhiy has not officially announced his team yet. 

However, his squad who played the qualifier matches were handed a tough group including England, Italy, North Macedonia and Malta

Footballers were impacted due to the war as the 2021-2022 Ukrainian Premier League was abruptly ended after all football suspended from February 2022 to July 2022

Many stadiums were damaged, some Ukrainian football clubs went bankrupt leaving staffs, players without a job. 

The footballers have not played a home match in the national stadium since November 2021.

Even for Euro 2024, they were even forced to play all the nominal home matches in other countries due to the ongoing conflict in their country. 

Even during the qualification, the footballer were mentally strained by consistently worrying about their family, relatives, friends who were still in the war zone.

Ukraine quilified for UEFA Euro 2024 after beating Iceland in the play off final by 2-1 on March 26, 2024. 

Getting qualified for Euro 2024 was more than football for Ukraine

The players were not only playing for themselves but for all the Ukarinian to boost the morale and spirits of the nation who are struggle due to the war. 

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