Who Is Dragana Vukanac? Wife Of Dusan Tadic

by Manisha Fri Sep 30 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 17 2022
Who Is Dragana Vukanac? Wife Of Dusan Tadic

Dragana Vukanac is the beautiful wife of Serbian professional footballer Dusan Tadic who plays for club Ajax. 

Dragana Vukanac single picture
Dragana Vukanac single picture Source: futballnews

Her husband is also the captain of the national team of Serbia. They tied the knot in 2013

They dated for several years before getting married. They share three kids.

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Dragana Vukanac kids playing with husband Dusan Tadic
Dragana Vukanac kids playing with husband Dusan Tadic Source: Instagram

Dusan loves his club, Ajax

In 2021 Dusan extended his contract with Ajax for another year because he felt like Ajax was his club, and he was happy to be part of one of the best clubs in the world. 

Alfred Schreuder is the manager of the club. 

He wanted to achieve more success in his career with the club and is ready to give his best for Ajax. 

He said that it was his dream to play for Ajax. When his dream turned into reality, he couldn’t be happier. 

He said that it feels like home in Ajax. He shared that when he was small, he used to have the clubs jerseys. 

He said he was always and will forever be a fan of this club's history, all the legendary players, and playing style. 

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He said that everything that is related to the club is special to him. So wanted to continue his journey with Ajax

He wants to win titles, the Champions League, and the cup with the club. 

He said that fans are very supportive and amazing and would love to play for the fans. 

He said fans give him the energy to do more and achieve things for the club. 

He said that he loves the stadium of the club. He said he loves being in that arena with the fans supporting him from behind. 

He said that when he wears the jersey of the club, it gives a different feeling. 


Dusan is 33 years old. He is 1.81m tall. He weighs around 76 kg.

Net worth

His net worth is estimated to be $10 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional football player. 

Dusan is the king of assists

In an interview, he defined his assists as his signature dish. He admitted that he is known for his classic assists skills. 

He said it is a very important technique, as nice assists help a team score a goal. 

He revealed that before going to pitch, he always tells the defenders to give him a hard pass to his feet because that will give him more time, and he can assist his teammate in scoring a perfect goal. 

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He said many people had told him to score a goal directly, but he feels like passing the ball to his teammate would be more special. 

He shared that to do a perfect assist, one has to look everywhere and be aware of the situation, and when the timing is right, he has to pass to his teammate, who will be aware of the gap and score a fabulous goal.

He added the technique is not applicable to all situations as every game is different, and they had to discuss it according to the situation. 

Dusan does the most assists for Ajax every season. 

Dusan talked about losing a game

In an interview, he said it is difficult to deal with defeat. 

Winning and losing is a part of football but being in that moment is completely different as it feels really bad to be in that situation. 

He said that he felt bad for the team. 

He said that when the team is winning, it provides energy and flow to the team, so losing a match definitely makes them feel low, but at the end of the day, they have to make come back and rise again. 

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