Who Is Kristina Janjic? Wife Of Aleksandar Mitrovic

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Who Is Kristina Janjic? Wife Of Aleksandar Mitrovic

Kristina Janjic is a model and wife of a famous Fulham Football Club player, Aleksandar Mitrovic

She was born on April 20, 1992, in Serbia

Family of Kristina Janjic. Source: Instagram

Marriage and Children

Kristina is a married woman. Her husband's name is Aleksandar

Their wedding occurred in May 2021 in Belgrade, Serbia.

Aleksander and Kristina Janjic have been dating each other for the last seven years, which was in 2014.

They had their first children before marriage after two years of dating. 

Now in the present, they have two beautiful children, i.e., a son and a daughter. 

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Their son was born in December 2016, two years after their dating. Their son's name is Luka Mitrovic

The daughter was born in December 2017.

She has always been supportive of Aleksander. 

She also used to mention Aleksander as her boyfriend on her social media sites. 

She had congratulated Aleksander's goal in the World Cup 2018 through her posts. 

Although she couldn't go to the stadium and cheer up, she watched his matches from the home screen. 

Aleksander was very happy seeing her post and her wishes for him.  

Aleksandar Mitrovic and Kristina Janjic at their Wedding.
Aleksandar Mitrovic and Kristina Janjic at their Wedding. Source: Instagram


The age of Kristina is 30 years.

Net Worth

Kristina is a model. She earns from her social media sites but hasn't disclosed her net worth yet. Her husband Aleksander's net worth is $22 Million.

Kristina Janjic's husband, Aleksandar Mitrovic.
Kristina Janjic's husband, Aleksandar Mitrovic. Source: Instagram

About Her Husband Aleksander 

Aleksander is a loving and caring husband.

Aleksander said in his Premier League interview that many difficulties come in our life, but we should never give up.

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He said that his family was always there for him, and his girlfriend was always there to support him in his ups and downs. 

He thanks them for all their hard work preventing him from bad situations.

Aleksandar's Best Moment Of His Life

He always wanted to have the club he's playing for in a higher position where finally he succeeded too. 

Because of him, his club got a promotion to play the Premiere League 2018

It was the best moment of his life. He shared through talks after winning the match. 

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Aleksander has a very good fan base. Talking about his fan, they are very obsessed with his skill. 

He joined Fulham on 2018. He has been his national team's all-time leading goal scorer from Serbia. 

He is the only finest player who took Fulham promoted to Premier League, which led him to have another separate fan base and made a place in people's hearts from Fulham.

Aleksandar's Records

Talking about his records in football, he had kept a record in the championship of scoring the highest goals in his recent match. 

It was against Peterborough the final score was two from Fulham and one from Peterborough. 

Both goals were scored by Mitrovic, which led to breaking the record for the championship of scoring goals. 

This match led Mitrovic to gain more support in this current year, 2022. 

Mitrovic said that this win was not only for him but also for his fans and family. 

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