Eileen Tate- Tragedy Of Andrew Tate Mother

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Eileen Tate- Tragedy Of Andrew Tate Mother

Eileen Tate is the mother of American-British social media personality, businessman, and former professional Kick Boxer, Andrew Tate

She used to work as a dinner lady and dishwasher. She is a British citizen. 

Eileen Tate with her children.
Eileen Tate with her children. Source: The Teal Mango

Married Life Of Eileen 

Eileen was previously married to her late husband, Emory Tate. Her former husband, Emory, was a chess player. 

They share three children, two sons, and a daughter. Their sons' names are Andrew Tate and Tristan Tate, and their daughters' name is Janine Tate

Eileen was married to her late husband till 2015, as he died that year because of fainting. 

Eileen has been very supportive of her children, and now all of her children are successful. 

Eileen Tate's late husband, Emory Tate.
Eileen Tate's late husband, Emory Tate. Source: Reddit

Who Is Eileen's Son Andrew?

Andrew is a former professional kickboxing champion, businessman, and social personality. 

He is well known as one of the internet celebrities. 

He was raised in Washington, D.C., US. He grew up with his two siblings. He is an American citizen. 

Eileen Tate's son Andrew Tate.
Eileen Tate's son Andrew Tate. Source: Pinterest 

Who Is Andrew Married?

Andrew is not married yet. However, he had been rumored to be dating Naghel Georgiana Manuela for a long time. 

As of 2022, he is dating Sofia Guliyeva. He posted a picture of Sofia traveling in his private jet. 

He has never opened up about his relationship with any of these women. 

Andrew Likes Dating Young Girls

In one of the interviews, Andrew opened up about what type of women he was into. 

The famous businessman said he would never date women above 25

He has an interest in girls who are 18 and 19 years old. He also revealed that he dislikes woman who compares themselves equal to men and will never waste time on them. 

Age And Net Worth 

Andrew is 36 years old. He has a net worth of $355 Million. His source of income comes from being a businessman. 

Eileen Tate with her daughter.
Eileen Tate with her children. Source: Daily Mail

Eileen’s Job Was To Keep Andrew Alive

Eileen’s son Andrew revealed that Eileen was a great lady and had done much for Andrew in his childhood. 

She cared for everything possible, from food to study in his childhood. Andrew’s father told Andrew he was there to teach Andrew life lessons and other real-life stuff. 

But to survive, he said that Eileen was responsible for them. He clearly stated that Eileen’s job was to keep him alive. 

Eileen and her ex-husband used to fight all the time, so they separated. 

But Andrew was very close to his mother. Hence, after getting rich, Andrew retired his mother from her dishwashing job and sent her a lot of money. 

Eileen was surprised as she didn’t need such huge money. But still, Andrew wants his mother to enjoy doing anything she dreams of.

Eileen's  Ex-Husband Was Genius Man

Andrew stated Emory was a genius man. He revealed that his father was a genius person working in intelligence for the government in the past. 

But after his mental problems, he worked as a chess player. According to his sons, he was never scared of anything, although he was usually broke. 

He used to sleep in his car and play chess from place to place. 

He had no food to eat. But still, he taught his sons to be faithful men. 

Eileen and Emory also broke up due to their regular fights about financial problems and Emory staying away from family all the time. 

Emory also has a biography written about him by a writer, which was released after his death. 

Andrew Was Tracked And Arrested

The US police were suspicious that Andrew was holding a woman without her permission and was involved in human trafficking.

Hence they tried to track down Andrew from April of 2022. But they were unable to follow him. 

But with the help of the Romanian government, they tracked down Andrew in Romania and searched his stay place. 

It was found that he was not holding one, but with his brother Tristan, they were trafficking two women. 

The victim accused that they were not just keeping them captive with constant supervision and physical torture but were sexually assaulting them. 

The women told the police that the Tate brothers were filming pornographic videos out of them and were planning to sell them online. 

The brothers approached the women promising they would marry them but ended up trafficking them. 

Hence they were arrested for their actions. They are yet to be presented in court and are yet to be declared guilty.

Andrew Believes Man Can Cheat

Andrew revealed in an interview that men and women are made differently. 

He expressed that a man is biologically made in such a way that if he wishes, he can be with a new girl every day or even cheat every day, which is not wrong at all. 

He believes that men are made in such a way. But for women, when they are with a new guy every day, she decreases her value. 

He said that when a woman dates a guy, there is only a one percent chance that the guy will treat her how she deserves or wants to be treated. 

According to him, women either get fucked while drunk with a low-level or high-level person. 

So he believes it is wrong for women to change guys daily but utterly okay for men. 

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