Janine Tate- Tragedy Of Andrew Tate Sister

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Janine Tate- Tragedy Of Andrew Tate Sister

Janine Tate is a celebrity sister. She is famously known to be the beloved younger sibling of Andrew Tate.

Andrew is an American-British former kickboxer currently serving as a businessman and a social media personality who came into the limelight after spreading negatively about women.

Janine is the youngest member of her family. She was born to her father, Emory Tate, and mother, Eileen Tate

Besides Andrew, Janine also has another elder sibling named Tristan Tate.

Family of Janine Tate.
Family of Janine Tate. Source: InsideSport

Love Life

As a professional lawyer, Janine lives a very private life in Kentucky, so we have no information about her love life. 

But talking about her brother Andrew was linked to Nagel Georgina Manuela for a long time. She is a businesswoman. But Tate never addressed Nagel being his girlfriend.

He is currently rumored to be dating Sofia Guliyeva. The rumor started to spread after he posted Sofia's photo in which she could be seen traveling in his private jet.

Age And Net Worth

Janine is 30 years old. She was born in 1992 in Luton, United Kingdom.

Her brother Andrew is 36 years old. He was born on the 1st of December, 1986, in Washing DC, United States. He is a Sagittarius.

Janine serves as a Lawer in Kentucky, but her net worth is unknown. 

Her brother Andrew's net worth is 355 million dollars. His primary source of business. 

Andrew is involved in a business venture at Hustler University.

This is the platform that acknowledges people who are getting knowledge about how to earn money online.

Janine Tate's brother, Andrew Tate.
Janine Tate's brother, Andrew Tate. Source: Variety

Janine Is A Private Person

Janine lives an opposite life to her brothers. Unlike her brothers, Janine lives a private life in Kentucky

According to the source, after her father and mother separated, she lived with her mother in the United Kingdom for one year before moving to Kentucky

She is an Afro-British American Citizen. Her father, Emory, was a well-known chess player who was a five times US Armed Forces Chess Champion of his time and died on October 17, 2015.

Andrew Beating A Women

Janine's brother Andrew became the center of attraction and started being noticed by the people in a video where he beat a woman with a belt. 

Just after that video, Andrew was immediately removed by the 17th season of Big Brothers.

After that video was viral, Tate said that everything that happened in the video was a play and filmed after mutual consent between him and the women. 

Afterward, to prove what he said, he shared a clip on his Facebook profile where we could see the women claiming that it was a pure game.

Andrew Twitter Account Was Banned

In a controversy, Andrew tweeted several tweets on sexual harassment during the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse cases. 

He again became the topic to talk about.  His tweets stated that sexual assault survivors share responsibility for their violence.

Again after some time, in 2017, he made a statement where he addressed that depression isn't an actual sickness that many peoples backlashed. 

After this, Twitter suspended his three accounts, and the statements were alarming to the general public.

Tate Got Arrested

Andrew was arrested on 29th December 2022 in Romania as he became a suspect in human trafficking, rape, and other charges. 

According to the sources, he did this criminal activity by forming a group. 

His brother Tristan was also kept in detention with two other people. 

These both brothers of Janine have been under criminal investigation since April.

He was arrested from his own house in Bucharest

The police also shared a raid video of guns, knives, and money.

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