Elizabeth Alwyn

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Elizabeth Alwyn

Elizabeth Alwyn is the mother of the English actor, Joe Alwyn.

She resides in London, UK.

Taylor And Joe’s Love Story

Even though Taylor and Joe have never shared their love story publicly, a lot of theories based on Taylor’s lyrics have been going on, and they are quite plausible. 

The couple’s love affair first broke out in May 2017, but fans believe that their relationship started in late 2016

As they were determined to keep their affair private, the public finally caught a glimpse of their relationship when the paparazzi captured them on a coffee date in Nashville.

Later on, they began to appear together in different events like BAFTA, NME Awards, Oscars, etc. 

They even began to support each other’s work and achievements publicly. 

Joe also made an appearance on Taylor’s documentary, Miss Americana, and has co-written some songs on Taylor’s albums; Folklore and Evermore.

Elizabeth Alwyn son Joe Alwyn with Taylor Swift in Paris.
Elizabeth Alwyn son Joe Alwyn with Taylor Swift in Paris. Source: Pinterest

While it is rare for the couple to talk about their love story, they seem to be madly in love nonetheless.

Is Elizabeth A Swiftie?

Elizabeth and her family have been spotted attending Taylor Swift’s concert. The family was photographed and recorded, enjoying the show during Taylor’s Reputation tour. 

In the video filmed by a fan, Elizabeth seems to be smiling and capturing the moment with her phone while Taylor is performing on the stage. 

Elizabeth Alwyn with her son Joe Alwyn.
Elizabeth Alwyn with her son Joe Alwyn. Source: Twitter

She looks really proud and happy with the pop star’s successful performance.   

Although Elizabeth has made no statements regarding Taylor’s music, there is a high possibility that she is a swiftie (Taylor’s fandom name) through and through.

Alwyn and Swift Family Are Close-Knitted

On a chilly January day, Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were joined by the actor’s mother, Elizabeth, for a stroll in the North London Public Park.

The trio was photographed by the paparazzi, and they seem to be enjoying each other’s company very much. 

Swift has been staying and spending her time with the Alwyn family in England

She has also been quarantining with them while going on walks and hikes occasionally. 

When Taylor visits the Alwyn family in England for a weekend, they never miss out on a Sunday roast. 

Both Alwyn and Swift’s family appear to be close-knitted as they even spent their 2018 Christmas in an Irish castle, together, which was rented by Taylor herself. 

The families seem to be very happy and comfortable together.

Elizabeth’s Professional Life

Elizabeth is a psychotherapist and an author. She is a qualified professional who assists patients with mental health conditions.

She specializes in psychotherapy and short-term psychodynamic therapy.

She has also worked in psychiatric-day hospitals, long-stay care, and a community mental health team as a senior occupational therapist.

It may be due to her work's nature she has been very vocal about the importance of mental health. 

Her first book called ‘What will you do with my story?’ was released in 2012, where she talks about mental health. 

Likewise, she has written columns for The Independent too.

Elizabeth’s Family

Elizabeth is married to a professional movie maker and director, Richard Alwyn. Together, they have three children named Joe, Thomas Alwyn, and Patrick Alwyn.

Elizabeth Alwyn husband Richard.
Elizabeth Alwyn husband Richard. Source: Twitter

Her husband, Richard, has created various British documentaries like Young Margaret: Life, Love, & Letters, Child Slavery With Rageh Omaar and Speechless, Into the Wind, Cathedrals

He has won the Best Current Affairs Doc. Television Programme award at the Prix Italia festival in Venice with his documentary ‘The Beslan Siege.’

Elizabeth and Richard are known to be very loving and supportive of their children’s aspirations. 

Net Worth

Elizabeth Alwyn’s net worth is under review. Her salary is estimated to be around $53,640.72 - $73,334.80

However, her son, Joe Alwyn, has a net worth of $4 million.  

Her salary range is structured as shown below:

Minimum Income$53,640.72
Maximum Income$73,334.80

Age, Height, And Weight

  1. Elizabeth Alwyn’s age is not revealed yet.
  2. Her height and weight are unknown.
  3. She holds a British nationality.

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