Who Is Ellie Tahan? Mother Of Charlie Tahan

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Ellie Tahan is the mother of Charlie Tahan. Her son is well known American actor. Her husband is Michael Tahan

She has two children apart from Charlie. Ellie is a professional dancer.

Ellie Tahan's son Charlie Tahan
Ellie Tahan's son Charlie Tahan Source: Instagram

Is Ellie's Son Charlie Married?

Tahan does not have a girlfriend right now.


Her son Charlie is 25 years old

Net Worth

Her son Charlie's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. 

All his source of income is from his acting career and many projects that are lined up for the future.

The Reason Why Charlie Got Cast For A Lead Role In "Drunk Bus."

Charlie is a huge comedy fan. He has not done a lot of comedy in his previous movies. 

That's the main reason he signed for the movie. 

It was different from anything he had done before, and it was his first real lead movie. 

The movie's two directors, John and Brandon, wanted a lead that had a great sense of humor, not a broad comedy. 

One of his directors praised him, saying that he is a really funny dude and has a unique way of expressing comedy through his body language. 

They did not know anything about him and had just seen his work, plus he had done anything related to the comedy genre. 

So they wanted him to be in the lead role in their movie.

Charlie Considers Himself Lucky And Talks About His Ideal Job

Charlie considers himself very lucky as he has many advantages like he has a job and does not have to go to college. 

Also, he gets to act without being very good. He wanted to play a bad guy. He is not afraid to play a negative role. 

One of his wishes is to play a bad guy in the movie. He neither cares about the result nor is afraid of being typecast. 

He won't play a villain as he would love to do that.

Zac Efron Enjoyed Charlie's Company On The Set Of Charlie St. Cloud

Zac was playing the lead in the movie, and Charlie played his younger brother on-screen. 

He loved to hang out with Tahan as he was a cool and fun kid. 

Zac felt like he was his little brother the whole time. 

Everyone on the set were older than them, and they were the youngest guys on the shoot. 

Everyone used to go to their home after the shoot, but they like to do fun stuff like watching a hockey game. 

They were partners in crime and loved each other company. 

They also shared a funny story where Charlie's little sister pretended to be Zac's fan and asked for his autograph. 

But the funny thing was the pen with which he was signing was a shocker pen, and he got a little shock when he held it. 

Some Facts About Her Son

He loves McDonald's and loves to eat snack wrap and a small cheeseburger. He does not have managers. 

Before acting, he has done a lot of commercials with big companies. 

His favorite movie is The Emperor's New Groove.

He loves the comedy genre and is a big fan of Jim Carrey and John C. Reilly

He does not like to watch shows. His younger sister Daisy is also an actress. He is a huge fan of Pop Punk Music.

He wants to work with Paul Thomas Anderson as he considers him a great director. 

He wants to play the role of a villain in a movie, unlike any actor.

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