Who Is Michael Tahan ? Father Of Charlie Tahan

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Michael Tahan is the father of American actor Charlie Tahan. His wife's name is Ellie Tahan.

He has three children, two sons and a daughter, with his wife. He is living in New Jersey.  

He is an American citizen. 

Michael Tahan's Charlie Tahan
Michael Tahan's Charlie Tahan Source: Instagram

Relationships Status

Charlie does not have a girlfriend. 

Michael Tahan's Charlie Tahan with his friends
Michael Tahan's Charlie Tahan with his friends' Source: Instagram


His son Charlie is 23 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Charlie is $1.5 Million. His source of income is acting.

Charlie Tahan
Charlie Tahan Source: Instagram

Explained His Character In Drunk Bus

Charlie talked about Michael's character in the interview, whom he would see in his new movie Drunk Bus

He said that his character Michael is done with his college, but he still has to go to college and work. 

The character he will be playing had someone in his life, but unfortunately, it didn't last long. 

Michael was the one who was trying to bring his life on track, and suddenly someone came into his life. 

He told that the new character Pineapple's entry changed everything in Michael's life, and he got to learn many things from him. 

Pineapple gave him a feeling of enjoyment and a sense of fresh energy in Michael's life and taught him about his life and what he is capable of. 

The sudden entry of Pineapple gives him a new sight of life. 

Working During The Pandemic 

Charlie is well known for his appearance in the famous series Ozark. 

That show was a total hit as it won many awards. Back in 2021, he opened about the next season of Ozark

While giving this interview in 2021, he opened up that they started shooting for the next season during the pandemic time. 

He also revealed that season 4 would be the last season of Ozarks. 

As he was not allowed to talk about the series much, he didn't reveal much information about the series. 

Still, he was happy that he got the chance to be in that show, and he is thankful to his crew members who managed to make everyone okay and free from COVID as they were working during pandemic. 

He also said that people would be able to see season 4 in 2 parts. 

Always Wanted To Be An Actor

In the interview with Go-See, Charlie talked about him choosing an acting career and his favorite actor. 

He said that he has always been an actor since his younger day. 

He opened up that acting is what he always wanted to do and said that his family and friends were also in the same acting line, which made him more interested in pursuing an acting career. 

Charlie was also asked about his favorite actor by the interviewer, and he was very confused while answering that he said he didn't know about his favorite actor. 

Still, he does love people who do comedies, such as John C Reily and Jim Carrey.

Charlie Doesn't Need A Manager.

Charlie is a well-known young actor who has gained a lot of attention from the public for his acting skills. 

Many actors have managers who look at everything about the actor but talking about Charlie, he doesn't have his manager. 

He looks for everything himself. 

It is known that he looks for role by himself, and he is doing very well in his acting career too. 

He also said that he is fine without a manager and is doing great by himself, so he doesn't even feel that he needs a manager to look upon him. 

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