Emily Cinnamon Alvarez – Meet Beautiful Daughter Of Canelo Alvarez

by Pragya Sun May 05 2024 Updated On Sun May 05 2024
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez – Meet Beautiful Daughter Of Canelo Alvarez

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez is the daughter of Mexico professional boxer Canelo Alvarez. Her mom’s name is Karen Beltran

She was born in the year 2005 and has her birthday on October 12. She holds the Mexican citizenship. 

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Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her father Canelo Alvarez
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her father Canelo Alvarez. Source: Instagram

Emily's parents never married? 

Emily’s dad, Canelo, met her mom, Karen, when they were in high school. They fell in love and started dating when they were just a teenager. 

Her dad, Canelo, got her mom, Karen, pregnant when he was just 16, and he asked Karen to live with him. 

They gave birth to Emily in 2005, and just after a few years, the couple ended their relationship. 

They never got married, and after their breakup, Karen got custody of Emily

As the separation was their mutual decision, Emily’s mom and dad decided to raise Emily together. 

They have no problem with each other, and during Emily’s graduation, both her parents were there for her. 

Her mom changed her name to Anny Belran after the separation. 

Does Emily have siblings? 

Emily is the only daughter of her parents, so she doesn’t have any siblings. However, she does have three younger siblings from her dad‘s side. 

She has two half-sisters named Mia Ener Alvarez and Maria Fernanda and a half-brother named Saul Adiel Sepulveda

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her mother Karen Beltran and brother
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her mother Karen Beltran and brother. Source: Instagram

Emily’s dad has children with different women 

After Emily’s dad and mom got separated, her dad, Canelo, started dating a woman named Valeria Quiroz. 

They welcomed daughter Mia together and later broke up. He then dated Fernanda Gomez and had a daughter, Maria, but they got separated. 

Canelo then had a brief relationship with Nadia Sepulveda, and although their relationship was short, they gave birth to their son, Saul Adiel, in 2019

As of now, Canelo is married to Fernanda Gomez. He reconciled with Fernanda, and the couple happily tied the knot in 2022.

Age and Net Worth 

Emily is 18 years old. Her net worth is unknown. 

Her father, Canelo, who is currently 33 years old, has a huge net worth of $280 Million earned from his boxing career. 

Emily loves riding. 

Emily has always been passionate about riding. She has shared many pictures of her with horses and has always enjoyed riding them. 

According to Emily, the very first time she ever sat on the horse was when she was four years old. 

She loved how she felt when she first sat on it and then started doing gymnastics on a horse. 

She then took riding lessons, and now, she is great at it. 

However, despite her great interest in horses, Emily is now clear about what she wants to do in her life. 

In one of the interviews, she opened up about her desire to be an actress in the coming days. 

Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her horse
Emily Cinnamon Alvarez with her horse. Source: Instagram

Modeling opportunity of Emily 

Emily gained the spotlight because of her boxer dad. However, Emily herself is a lot more than just being a celebrity daughter. 

She is a good horse rider, and besides that, she is a model too. 

Emily got the biggest modeling gig of her life when she got a chance to represent the 200th-anniversary dress of Jalisco. 

She was absolutely looking gorgeous in that dress, and it was one of the biggest opportunities of her life. 

She was thankful to her mom as her mom was the reason that she got to be part of it. It was a surreal and unexpected thing that happened to her. 

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