Who Is Emma Myers Parents And Boyfriend?

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Who Is Emma Myers Parents And Boyfriend?

Emma Myers is an American actress. She is known for her appearance in the Netflix series Wednesday as Enid Sinclair

She was born to her parents, Jeremy Myers and Nicole Cassimatis, in 2002

She has her birthday on April 2. She has three sisters named Avery, Olivia, and Izzy.

Parents of Emma Myers.
Parents of Emma Myers. Source: Familytron

Married Life Of Emma 

Emma is not married yet and is also not involved in dating, so she doesn't have a boyfriend. 

Beautiful Emma Myers.
Beautiful Emma Myers. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Emma is 21 years old. She has a net worth of $1 Million

Emma Was Trained For Being Werewolf

Emma showed her appearance in the Netflix series Wednesday

There she played the character of Enid Sinclair in the Wednesday series, a werewolf student at Nevermore Academy

So, in the interview with Jimmy Fallon, she revealed that she was trained to turn into a werewolf in the series. 

The interviewer didn't believe her, but she explained that she went to the werewolf boot camp for training. 

For the shooting of Episode Six, she was told about boot camp and was surprised. 

She went to the camp, and there were stunt men who pretended to be the sheep, and Emma and her other co-stars who played werewolves ran on the floor chasing and crawling around them. 

It was a whole new experience for her.

Emma Didn't Get Cast As Wednesday

Emma's role in the Wednesday series has been appreciated by many, and she liked the character she played. 

When she read the script of Enid, she felt that she could naturally bring out that character within herself, but when she knew about the Wednesday Addams character, she liked the character. 

However, she felt that she couldn't give the best to that character. 

And as Jennifer Ortega played the character of Wednesday so well, she thinks it would be a disgrace to the surface. 

She said that she and her character Enid have only one similarity, and that's being optimistic. 

She doesn't like wearing colorful clothes as her character does, and she is very introverted in real life, but her character is completely opposite.

Emma Loves Kpop

Emma is a big fan of Korean talent. She has a massive obsession with Korean rock bands and K Pop drama

Emma has shown her love for K-pop and Korean musical bands through social media. 

She loves listening to BTS, Astro 80s, Got 7, and many other bands. But among all those bands, her favorite is Seventeen

She fell in love with that music band after hearing their song. 

She also carries their sticker on her phone, which was given to her by her fan at one of the concerts. 

Besides listening to Korean music, she also loves watching anime; her favorite anime is Attack of Titan

Emma Wants Her Character To Be Single

Emma played Enid in season 1 of the Wednesday series and talked about being in season 2. 

She opened up that she learned about season 2 through her principal and was strictly told not to share any glimpses of season 2. 

Family of Emma Myers.
Family of Emma Myers. Source: Familytron

Fans mostly loved her character as Enid and Jenna Ortega's character as Wednesday

Their onscreen chemistry was worth appreciation, so in one of the interviews, she was asked if Enid and Wednesday could have any love interest story. 

She replied that anything could happen in the series, but for season 2, she prefers her character to be single. 

She would love to play the character without dating and boys stuff, as she was seen drooling over her love interest in season 1.

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