Who Is Nicole Cassimatis? Mother Of Emma Myers

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Who Is Nicole Cassimatis? Mother Of Emma Myers

Nicole Cassimatis is the mother of actress Emma Myers. She is of Greek descent. She was born in 1973 in Dallas, Texas

Her parents were from Greece and moved to the US. She is married to Jeremy Myers

Her husband is a reputed lawyer. They have four kids: Avery, Olivia, Izzy, and Emma

Nicole Cassimatis with her husband, Emma Myers.
Nicole Cassimatis with her husband, Emma Myers. Source: FAMILYTRON

Emma Talked About Her Character On Wednesday

Emma played the role of Enid Sinclair in the Netflix series Wednesday. It was her breakthrough role. 

She said she had not watched the 90s TV shows and movies much. So when she got the script, she just dove into it and gave her best. 

She said it was fun playing Enid. She said her character Enid comes naturally to her. 

Nicole Cassimatis's daughter, Emma Myers.
Nicole Cassimatis's daughter, Emma Myers. Source: Instagram

She mentioned she is not a good fit for the role of Wednesday, and her role is opposite of what she is in reality. 

She said one common thing between Enid and her is that they both are optimistic people. 

She revealed she went on a Werewolf training for the show. She said she went on a Werewolf Boot Camp.

She said it was physically tiring training as she was jumping over things, running full force, and crawling around the stunt guy who pretended to be sheep. 

She added her training was all worth it. 


Nicole is in her early 50s.

Net Worth

Nicole's daughter's net worth is estimated at $600k -$800k.

Nicole Cassimatis with her husband and children.
Nicole Cassimatis with her husband and children. Source: FAMILYTRON

Emma Shared Her Experience In Working On The Netflix Show 'Wednesday'

Emma said that her role was one of the original roles from Wednesday

She added there was a lot of pressure on the entire cast, but they managed to do it. 

It was a nerve-wracking experience for her as she got an opportunity to work with Tim Burton

She revealed that before she started shooting, the show's writers invited her for dinner, and they sat down to talk about her character Enid

She wanted to do justice to her role and added that the set was huge. 

She enjoyed the most when she had all her friends on the set, and it was like a summer camp for her. 

She said it was a surreal experience to be on set, and the show crew was the best crew she had ever worked with. 

Emma Talked About Her Co-Star Jenna Ortega

Emma's character is a friend of Wednesday, who is played by Jenna Ortega. She said it was a fantastic time working with Jenna

She appreciated and praised her dedication to her character. 

She said she was nervous on the first day of shooting as she was figuring out how to do things. 

But it turned out to be fun. She said Jenna was a very generous co-star. She said she had the best time working with her. 

Emma Reveals Her Favorite Thing About Wednesday

Emma revealed that he loved the fantasy and supernatural aspects of the show. However, she added she had never worked in such a genre. 

She mentioned she always loved that genre and was excited to work finally on Wednesday

She added she also loved the training and did archery, canoeing, and many fun things. 

Emma Auditioned For Wednesday

Emma originally auditioned for Wednesday. However, a week after she got a call, they said they loved her but wanted to test her for Enid instead of Wednesday

She said that she was glad that she got to play Enid and that she got clicked on Enid more than Wednesday

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