Eve Chilton – Tragedy Of Harvey Weinstein Ex-Wife

by Pragya Sat Apr 27 2024 Updated On Sat Apr 27 2024
Eve Chilton – Tragedy Of Harvey Weinstein Ex-Wife

Eve Chilton is the ex-wife of American former film producer and convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein

Eve was born to her parents, Tom and Maude Chilton, in the year 1955. Eve worked as an assistant at Miramax

She is an American citizen by nationality. 

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Is Eve Married? 

Eve is now happily married to her husband, Sal Martirano. She is living with her husband in New York. 

Falling in love with Boss

Eve’s first marriage was with Harvey Weinstein, who is currently serving in prison for r*pe and s*x offenses. 

She met Harvey when she worked at the Miramax in 1986

Her ex Harvey and his brother co-founded Miramax together, so basically, at that time, Harvey was Eve’s boss.

Eventually, Eve and Harvey got close, and just a year after meeting, the couple tied the knot. 

They shared three daughters together named Lily Weinstein, Ruth and Emma

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last long, and they ended up getting divorced in 2004

According to some sources, it was known that Eve received $23 Million and a house from her ex-husband Harvey as a divorce settlement. 

Eve Chilton with her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein
Eve Chilton with her ex-husband Harvey Weinstein. Source: Pinterest

Age and Net Worth 

Eve is 66 years old. She has a net worth of $3 Million

Eve wanted to be an actress? 

Eve moved to New York City carrying big dreams of becoming an actress. She was only 18 years old when she first came to NY

Unfortunately, her dreams of being an actress remained incomplete as she started working in Miramax and later worked as an assistant until her divorce from her ex-husband. 

Harvey forced a thr**some? 

Harvey has been sentenced to prison after many women claimed him as a s*x offender. 

During his testimony, two actresses gave trial and opened up that they were forced to have a thr**some with him. 

The Italian actress named Postacchini claimed that Harvey asked her to have s*x with him back in 2013 at Montage Hotel, Beverly Hill

He also wanted the other actress named Jessica to join in the sexual act, which made Jessica run away from there in tears. 

Postacchini also said that she had to go after Jessica and console her, saying that she was not alone and eventually cried with her too. 

During the testimony, she said that she said no to Harvey, but she had to sleep with him for her career. 

Harvey was audio taped? 

Harvey has sexually assaulted many women throughout his career, and one of them was Ambra Battilana. 

She was 22 years old when she met Harvey during casting. 

When she met Harvey, he asked her if her breasts were real and then started touching and kissing her. 

She was so terrified that she ran straight to the police and filed a case. 

The police had got many assault complaints from other women, so to catch him with proof, they asked Ambra to wiretap her. 

She was scared, but still, she agreed and went to meet him. 

Their every conversation was recorded, and it was clear that Harvey wanted to have a sexual relationship with Ambra

He even tried to scare her by threatening her career and told her that she would lose the biggest opportunity of her acting career just by saying No to him.

Harvey’s case got overturned? 

Harvey was sentenced to jail for more than two decades after he was proven guilty of r*pe and assault. 

More than 100 women opened up about being molested and r*ped by Harvey when they were trying to make their careers as young actresses. 

He was convicted in 2020 after an actress named Jessica Mann testified and claimed that she was r*ped by him. 

But now there has been news that his conviction was overturned. According to the New York court’s statement, his trial was totally unfair. 

The court and the prosecution both failed to give a fair trial, so they overturned it.

Eve Chilton ex-husband Harvey Weinstein in his trial
Eve Chilton ex-husband Harvey Weinstein in his trial. Source: Instagram
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