Who is Lily Weinstein? Daughter Of Harvey Weinstein

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Who is Lily Weinstein? Daughter Of Harvey Weinstein

Lily Weinstein is the daughter of American former movie producer and Sex Offender Harvey Weinstein

Her mother’s name is Eve Chilton. She was born in 1995 and has her birthday on Feb 20

She has two siblings. She is an American citizen of her nationality. 

Is Lily Dating Anyone? 

Lily has been keeping her personal life out of the spotlight. Because of that, it’s unknown if she is currently dating anyone or single. 

Married Life Of Her Parents 

Lily’s father, Harvey, met her mother, Eve Chilton, back in 1986

Eve worked as an assistant for Henry, and slowly, they fell in love with each other. 

Harvey and Eve tied the knot in 1987 and were happily married for nearly two decades. 

They shared three daughters, and Lily was their eldest daughter. Their other two daughter’s names are Emma and Ruth

Lily’s parents got divorced in 2004

Parents of Lily Weinstein.
Parents of Lily Weinstein. Source: Pinterest

Lily’s Half-Siblings

After Lily’s parents got divorced, her dad, Harvey, moved on in his life. 

He married another woman, Georgia Chapman, in 2007. They shared two kids, a daughter named India Pearl and Dashiell

Harvey and Georgia’s marriage lasted till 2017, and they got separated. They got divorced in 2021

Because of Harvey’s second marriage, India and Dashiell became Lily’s two half-siblings. 

Age And Net Worth

Lily is 28 years old. Her net worth is known; however, her dad, Harvey, has a net worth of $25 Million.

Lily Weinstein with her father, Harvey Weinstein.
Lily Weinstein with her father, Harvey Weinstein. Source: Instagram

Lily Called 911

In 201, Lily and her father, Harvey, got into an argument, creating a very intense and dramatic scene. 

Lily’s father was accused of being a molester, and because of news about her father circulating, Lily was upset. 

When her father came to her house, they started fighting with each other, and they came out screaming at each other. 

Lily even called 911 and said his dad was stressed and suicidal and asked for their help. 

When the police arrived, her dad was already gone, and Lily changed her statement, saying that it was a family matter and their fight was just a family dispute. 

Lily’s Dad Is A Predator

Lily’s father was one of the celebrities in the acting industry. 

However, his fame ended after his true face came out. He was accused by multiple women of rape and molestation. 

Many well-known actresses, his former assistant, and women he worked with have accused him of molesting them. 

Some of the women also claimed that he raped them. He denied all the accusations and claimed that his actions were not how the women took. 

Also, he apologized for making them feel that way. 

However, he was proven guilty of being a sex offender and was sent to prison for his actions. 

Lily Was Ashamed Of Her Father’s Act

Lily and her father had a great relationship with each other until the whole sex offender accusations started. 

Her dad was accused of being a molester by 30 women. Harvey‘s whole family was affected by this news, especially Lily

She was so frustrated and ashamed of her dad’s action that she locked herself inside her house. 

She didn’t come out for days and delivered everything to the house. 

She was only 22 years old when she was accused as a sex offender. 

She avoided public appearances and made her assistants get her food and parcel. 

After all the accusations, she distanced herself from her dad and didn’t even testify from her father’s side. 

Not only Lily, but none of Harvey’s children supported him when he was accused. 

Harvey Was Sorry For His Actions

Harvey was sentenced to 23 years in prison after he was found guilty of raping and molestation. 

He is now in prison, serving his punishment. When the judge ordered his sentence, he apologized to all the women he did wrong.

He couldn’t undo the damage that he had done to all those women but showed as if he had deep guilt for what he had done. 

He admitted and said that he had remorse for his action and that he feels evil for what he did, and during his time in jail, he will work on himself to be a good version. 

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