Who Is Fay Asghari? Sister Of Sam Asghari

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Who Is Fay Asghari? Sister Of Sam Asghari

Fay Asghari is the sister of American-Iranian model and actor Sam Asghari. 

Her mother's name is Fatima Asghari and her father's name is Mike Asghari

She has three siblings, two sisters and a brother. She is professionally a cosmetic injector and commercial model

She is Iranian-American by nationality.

Fay Asghari's mother Fatima Asghari and brother Sam Asghari
Fay Asghari's mother Fatima Asghari, and brother Sam Asghari Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Fay 

Fay is not married to anyone currently. But she has a boyfriend. 

She has revealed her boyfriend through her Instagram account, but she has not revealed her boyfriend’s proper identity. 

Fay frequently uploads their pictures together. 

They are either traveling to different places or going hiking and stuff together. 

They also are seen going on fancy dates in fancy places.

Fay Asghari with her boyfriend
Fay Asghari with her boyfriend  Source: Instagram 

Sam Paid For The Engagement Ring  

Sam gave an interview to Access where he talked about himself and Britney, his partner.  

After dating his partner Britney, Sam finally decided to get married to her and for that, he proposed to her with a special arrangement. 

Britney and Sam have dated for more than 7 years and they are finally married. Sam told that he was really happy and excited about the day when he decided to propose to Britney

He didn’t open up much about his engagement and his proposal as he wanted to keep it secret. He told that it was better to keep something private. 

Sam brought a 4-carat diamond ring for his partner to propose. He worked really hard to buy that ring. He was offered the ring for free if they promote it but he didn’t want that. 

He wanted to buy that ring with the money that he earned by working hard. Britney also got very happy with the proposal. 

He did every possible thing to make his proposal the best and most memorable for them. The couple has five dogs together and they have a healthy relationship. 

Talking about the marriage Sam thought of getting married four years ago but was unable to do it. 

Sam lost 100 pound?

Before starting his career as an actor, Sam was a fitness trainer. Acting and being a fitness trainer is not what he wanted to do since his childhood. 

Talking about Sam’s past days, he was born in Iran and his dad moved to LA to work as a truck driver. At the age of 12, Sam also moved to the USA with his dad. 

When he came to the USA he joined a football team in his school. He wanted to be a football player and he was he went to LA to pursue a sports career. 

While he was in high school he was focused on football and law enforcement. He later left his college so that he could support his family financially. 

After that Sam gave up on his football dreams. During that time Sam gained 100 pounds. He was unable to control his eating habit. 

He used to eat Doritos for breakfast and also ate junk, high-sugar food which increased his weight. He also faced depression at that time. 

Sam later realized that it was not going well so he decided to get himself back in shape. He worked out and in 6 months he lost 100 pounds which were incredible. 

After that Sam decided to be a fitness trainer and thought to inspire the young football players by being their trainer. He is also a personal trainer of his partner and they both work out together. 

Sam and Britney have so many workout videos together and in 2020, Sam started his fitness program so that he could help people with their fitness. He is now working on his acting career.


Her age is not known. Her height is 1.73m.

Net Worth

The net worth of Fay is $1 Million. Her source of income comes as being a cosmetic injector and commercial model.

Fay Asghari flaunting in black
Fay Asghari flaunting in black  Source: Instagram

Brother Sam Got Into An Accident

Sam got into an accident in 2021 with his new Jeep Rubicon.

He was just 10 minutes away from his girlfriend Britney’s house when he got into the accident. 

His car crashed with another car which was been driven by a woman. 

They both were unharmed, and no serious damage occurred. It was a minor car crash.

According to Sam, no legal formalities were taken, and hence he expressed that he was relieved because of it.

Sam Asghari with his girlfriend Britney Spears
Sam Asghari with his girlfriend Britney Spears. Source: Instagram

A Healthy Lifestyle Helped Sam Recover

Sam was one of the victims in the pandemic period as he also suffered from Covid in 2020.

He was having some symptoms related to the virus, and hence he checked his health status. 

It came out as positive when he was tested for Covid. 

He was not feeling weak or sick, but as he tested positive before anyone knew about it or visited him, he self-isolated himself. 

He stayed all by himself and did everything on his own. He is a trainer and is health-conscious. 

Hence according to him, his healthy lifestyle was why he healed too quickly.

Fay Asghari with her brother Sam Asghari
Fay Asghari with her brother Sam Asghari Source: Instagram

Sam Sees Marriage In Future With Britney

Sam and Britney have been dating for about half a decade. 

They have been engaged now, but Sam said that he sees marriage with Britney before their engagement. 

He revealed that he had a great relationship with her kids and their relationship with each other’s family was also great.

He expressed that every couple should see the future with their partners, about them getting married. 

He also revealed that he was just an actor in everything the couple did, whereas Britney was the director and producer. 

Sam Was A Chef

Sam revealed in an interview that he was professionally a chef in his early days. 

Hence he has a great relationship with food. 

He loves to eat a lot of food, but he expressed that he is too strict in his diet. 

As a trainer, he is more focused on grown foods like sweet potatoes, rice, and more. 

In addition, he eats 25 percent of carbohydrates, 25 percent veggies and 50 percent protein for his lunch. 

He follows the diet and eats five times a day. It is the reason behind his healthy life, according to him. 

But it doesn’t mean he has stopped eating other foods. On his cheat days, he cools and eats many delicious foods. 

He hence loves his cheat day. But he takes his healthy lifestyle too seriously. 

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