Who Is Felix Sanchez Bas's Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

by Pragya Sat Nov 05 2022 Updated On Sun Nov 06 2022
Who Is Felix Sanchez Bas's Wife? What Is His Net Worth?

Felix Sanchez Bas is a Spanish football coach. Currently, he is the manager of the Qatar national team

He was born and raised by his parents in Barcelona, Spain. 

He was born in the year 1975 and had his birthday on December 13. He is a Spanish citizen by his nationality.

Married life of Felix

Felix is a married man. He has managed to keep his wife and children out of the spotlight. 

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But he does mention his wife and children in his interviews.

Age and Net Worth 

Felix is 46 years old. The net worth of Felix is $3 Million. His source of income is a football manager. 

Felix Sanchez Bas with a journalist
Felix Sanchez Bas with a journalist. Source: Instagram

Preparation is not over for Qatar

Felix has led the Qatar national team to the 50th FIFA rank working very hard. 

Qatar is full of players that have not played in many major leagues. Most of the players have never played in any League besides Qatar

So it was very hard for Felix to uplift the team. Still, he prepared every day and led the team to a great height. 

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Now, Qatar has qualified for the World Cup, which is a great achievement in itself. 

But still, Felix still thinks that the preparation of the team is not enough. 

He believes that the team has to prepare until the World Cup matches start. 

He really thinks that continuous hard work can succeed the team.

Felix kept the Qatar team isolated

Qatar is the host of the upcoming World Cup 2022, and by the leadership of Felix, Qatar national team also qualified for the World Cup

But the fact that the games are being hosted in their own country has been bad for them. 

As Qatar is not one of the best teams in the world, they are really taking pressure and training day and night to get ready for the World Cup

And being the host country has just increased the pressure of expectations on the team. 

Felix has somehow managed to keep the team isolated from the world. 

He believes that the news and words from outside would just distract the team from their training. 

He is hence normalizing everything in the team to keep players off the pressure. 

Felix Sanchez Bas at the field
Felix Sanchez Bas at the field. Source: Instagram

Felix claimed the World Cup 2022 to be the best in history

Felix being the coach of the Qatar national team, knows about the stadiums and facilities of the upcoming World Cup, which will take place in Qatar

Felix hence claimed that this coming world cup is going to be the best ever world cup in history. 

The stadiums in the country are really well-maintained and newly built. 

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The infrastructures in the country are also perfectly made, and the month when the world cup is going to run is the perfect weather to play football in. 

Felix highlighted the main benefit of the coming world cup, and that is the traveling of the players. 

Felix revealed that the players would not have to travel at all once they arrived in the country. 

They can just stay in a single place and focus on their game only.

Felix realized that players were ready

Felix had been coaching and training the young squad of the senior Qatar national team and letting them play against stronger teams like Iceland, Switzerland, and many more. 

Watching the performance of the squad and the way they won, Felix once felt that the team was ready to face a real international match. 

But still, it was just a friendly match, so he kept pushing them. 

They ended up participating in Asian Cup, and their hard work paid off there as they won the title winning all the oldest and strongest team in Asia

This really made Felix realize that the team could achieve anything if they worked together and trained day and night.

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