Who Is Daniela Pignolo? Stunning Wife Of Gustavo Alfaro

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Who Is Daniela Pignolo? Stunning Wife Of Gustavo Alfaro

Daniela Pignolo is the wife of Gustavo Alfaro, who is a former professional footballer and current manager of the Ecuadorian national football team. 

She worked as a teacher for more than three decades. The couple shares two beautiful daughters together, Josefina Alfaro and Augustina Alfaro

Family of Daniela Pignolo.
Family of Daniela Pignolo. Source: Facebook


Her husband Gustavo is 60 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Gustavo's net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million

Daniela Pignolo with her husband, Gustavo Alfaro.
Daniela Pignolo with her husband, Gustavo Alfaro. Source: Facebook

Gustavo Had A Hard Time Seeing His Mother Suffering

Gustavo's mother battled cancer when he was very young. 

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He said her mother was weak after undergoing many treatments and chemotherapy. 

He shared that he read a story in his textbook where a girl had a sick mother, and the doctor said to her father that her mother was going to die after the last leaf of autumn fell. 

That story really stuck with him as he related to that story with his personal life. 

After that, he was really worried about what was going to happen to his mother. 

He remembered one day, his mother's doctor came to his house and was having a conversation with him. 

When he saw them taken, he felt that the doctor was saying the exact same words that the doctor in that story told to the girl's father. 

They had a tree in the backyard where he used to play with his brothers. 

He went to search for wool so that he could tie the leaves to the branches and the leaves won’t fall. 

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He doesn’t want his mom to die at that time. He said the memory would remain with him for the rest of his life. 

Gustavo Revealed The Best Gift He Had Ever Received

Gustavo said that he had received several gifts, but he said that he is not into materialistic things. 

He loves that has emotion to it. He said that the best gift he had ever received was from his daughter. 

He recalled that he and his wife were in Arsenal directing a game and his daughters called him, and when he turned to see them, they were standing with a flag and wished him a Happy Father's Day. 

He said the things that they said to him were priceless and the most special gift to him.  

Gustavo Recalled The Birth Of Her Daughter

Gustavo got emotional while speaking about her daughter Augustina. He is a father of two daughters. 

He said her wife had to go through complicated labor when she was about to be born. He said that his daughter was poorly placed in the womb. 

They didn’t know whether she was going to be born naturally or had to do surgery to take her out. 

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He said that her naval crosses the umbilical cord, so there was a risk that she would suffocate herself. 

He said that she made it through, and he said that he valued her daughter a lot as he witnessed their birth. 

He said the doctor had to break her clavicle in order to take her out. 

When he saw his daughter resting on her mother and saw her tiny arms, he couldn't hold his tears back, and he cried a lot. 

He said that having her daughter was the most beautiful and emotional thing that had ever happened in his life. 

He said that now her daughter has grown up to be a strong and beautiful woman conquering the world. 

He said he is proud of her and having her by his side makes him happy. 

He said he liked having a beer with her, hugging and holding her. 

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