Fernando – Meet Father Of Pedri

by Manisha Sat Jun 24 2023 Updated On Tue Jun 25 2024
Fernando – Meet Father Of Pedri

Fernando is the father of Spanish football player Pedri, who plays for La Liga club Barcelona and the Spain National Football Team

He is married to Maria Rosario. He met his wife in his restaurant as she was working as a kitchen assistant in his restaurant. 

They share two kids together, Pedro Gonzalez Lopez and Fernando Gonzalez. He owns a roadside bar.

Fernando with his wife Maria Rosario and son Pedri
Fernando with his wife Maria Rosario and son Pedri. Source: Instagram 
Fernando with his wife Maria Rosario and children Pedri and Fernando
Fernando with his wife Maria Rosario and children Pedri and Fernando. Source: Instagram

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Fernando took over his family business

Fernando's father was president of Tegueste Wrestling Club for 11 years. 

Tegueste was known for having the best wrestlers, and it was quite a popular sport back then. 

He said that when he used to be free he used to either wrestle or play football. 

Fernando was a footballer himself, playing as a goalkeeper. He almost joined a club in Tejina to play in Spain's third division. 

His father owned a bar at that time and got sick. His father passed away in 2005, which compelled him to take over the bar. 

His wife was working in the kitchen at the time. He later transformed the bar into a restaurant.

Is Pedri dating anyone?

Pedri is not dating anyone as of now. He is single. During an interview, Pedri revealed that his favorite things about girls are their smiles and eyes. 

However, once he posted a picture with a beautiful girl on his social media. Many fans speculated her to be his girlfriend but she was his cousin. 


His son, Pedri, is 20 years old. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. He weighs around 59 kg.

Net worth

His son Pedri's net worth is estimated to be 9 million euros. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as a professional footballer.

Pedri had always been a Barcelona fan 

Pedri's grandfather was the founder of the Barca Fan Club. The legacy was passed down to him. 

When he was a kid, his father used to take him to watch Barca football matches. He used to love going to those matches.

He said in his town, all the stuff was Barca stuff, from cushions to plates, everything has Barca on it.

Pedri talked about his childhood football journey

Pedri got interested in football when he was in Bajamar. His parents moved to Tegueste when he was just three. 

His father asked him and his brother if they loved playing football. 

His brother said that he didn’t quite enjoy playing football but Pedri said that he would love to play football. 

So, when they got to Tegueste, his father put him in a kid football club. He convinced his brother to join him in the club. 

He said he really enjoyed playing rather than being competitive. He started his training with his coach when he was six. 

He said that his first coach was very supportive and was always there for him. He said that he used to make fun of his coach's bald head and pat his head. 

He added he used to tie up his laces, too, as he was a kid and didn’t know how to tie his laces. 

Then, he turned nine and trained with another coach. His coach knew that he was a special kid as he had qualities that other kids of the same age didn’t have. 

Pedri is very close to his brother

Pedri has a brother named Fernando, who is two years younger than him. They are friends more than brothers. 

They grew up playing and watching movies together. His brother said that Perdi is the most important person in his life as he guides him in every way. 

He points out his mistakes and helps him to improve his games. He said he wanted to be successful like his brother and make him proud. 

He added he would be forever grateful to him for his advice and guidance. 

Pedri said that he shares a lot of memory with his brother and is happiest when he with his brother. 

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