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Pedri is a Spanish football player. He is well known to be the midfielder of the club Barcelona FC

He was born to Fernando Gonzalez and Maria Rosario. Pedri was born in Tegueste, Spain.

Pedri with his parents and brother
Pedri with his parents and brother  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Pedri

Currently, Pedri is rumored to be single. 

Although he has a lot of female fans and people who love and support him, he appears to stay focused on his games rather than in a relationship. 

He seems to be focused on improving himself and being the best in his field. 

He is also not much open about his relationship and love affair. 

Pedri with his coach
Pedri with his coach  Source: Instagram

About Pedri 

Pedri's full name is Pedro Gonzalez Lopez was born on 25 November 2002. His parents raised him in Tegueste, Spain

From his early days, he was an average student at his school. But he was a pretty good and focused player on the pitch. 

His skills and talents were sharp from his childhood. 

Starting from studying in Maria del Carmen Fernandez Melian school, he enrolled in a local club Juventud Laguna through a youth football academy. 

His idol was Andres Iniesta; hence he chose the number 8 jersey. 

He was a hardworking child; hence he went from Juventud to Las Palmas and ended up in one of the biggest club, Barcelona.

Pedri during match
Pedri during match  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight 

He is 18 years old. His height is 1.74m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Pedri is $4 Million. He earns from playing football and sponsorships.

Barcelona Is Being Soft To Pedri

Pedri is one of the key player in the club Barcelona. He has played for biggest games, including matches for Copa Del Rey

Not only this, but he was also pushed for Euro Cup 2020. He was not even 18 at that time. At such a young age, he is an important player for the team. 

He is now facing some injury issues and is still playing some matches. 

As a new manager has been assigned,  the club has decided to become soft to Pedri

He has been working under pressure for a long time at such a young age, which is bad for his physical health. 

He also has started getting injured, which is bad news. Hence the club has decided to be careful about him.

Pedri Will Miss Matches Due To Injury

As all the Barcelona and Pedri fans know, Pedri has been playing hard and has appeared in many European matches than any other player. 

He is just 18 and is playing way more matches than he should be. 

He played for his club Barcelona and his country for many important matches, including Euro and Olympics

He pushed his limits, and as a result, he was injured at the end of 2021

He had left thigh injury, and he is not in the condition to play any time soon. 

Xavi, the team's new coach, has also decided to let him rest as he pushes himself too much. 

He will not appear until 2022 and will be missing many important matches.

Pedri Considers Andres Iniesta His Idol

Pedri is playing for the Barcelona club and is one of the key midfielder

By watching his games and playing style, it can easily be said about his inspiration. 

He is inspired by the former Barcelona legend, Andres Iniesta. As a kid, he was always a fan of Iniesta

Although his father used to show him videos of Michael Laudrup, it was always Iniesta whom he looked up to and followed. 

As a child, he used to wear a number 8 jersey like that of Iniesta

He might not be playing with Iniesta as he dreamt of, but he is filling his gap by playing his best as a midfielder.

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