Who Is Flamur Rexha? Father Of Bebe Rexha

by Manisha Sun Sep 17 2023 Updated On Thu Sep 21 2023
Who Is Flamur Rexha? Father Of Bebe Rexha

Flamur Rexha is the father of singer and songwriter Bebe Rexha. His wife is Bukurije Rexha

He is originally from Albania. He moved to the United States when he was 21 years old. 

His wife was born in New York but had an Albanian background. He has a son named Florent Rexha

Flamur Rexha with his wife.
Flamur Rexha with his wife. Source: Instagram

Is Bebe Married?

Bebe is not married yet. Bebe is singe at the moment. She was in a relationship with filmmaker Keyan Safyari

They dated for three years. They broke up in July

She confirmed their breakup through her concert in London, where she told her fans she was a mess. 

Flamur Rexha's daughter, Bebe Rexha.
Flamur Rexha's daughter, Bebe Rexha. Source: Instagram


His daughter Bebe is 34 years old

Net Worth

His daughter Bebe's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Flamur Rexha's wife and son.
Flamur Rexha's wife and son. Source: Instagram

Bebe Started As Songwriter

Bebe said she never expected to be this big as a singer as she started her songwriting career. 

The first song she wrote was when she was 13 years old. She shared that she wanted to be in love at that age, so she wrote a song about that. 

She said that she started singing and writing songs first, but she always knew the power of words and pen. 

She started her career as a professional writer at the age of 17.

Bebe Responded To The Weight Gain Comment

Bebe is an advocate for body positivity. 

Bebe shared that she was scrolling through Twitter and TikTok, and suddenly, one of her videos popped up, so she decided to read some comments in her videos out of nowhere. 

The first comment she read was about her weight gain. 

She said that she is a public figure, and people have seen her over the years, and she was a lot thinner before. 

She shared she was not angry about the comment as she has gained some weight but that such a thing messes with her mental health, and people do not know about what they have been going through. 

She said we are living in 2023 and should not be talking about people's weight. She added she loves to eat. 

She revealed she had gone to a doctor and was diagnosed with PCOS, which was why she gained so much weight. 

She said she gained more than 30 pounds quickly but is optimistic about her body and asked people to show love to another. 

Rexha Talked About Working With Snoop Dogg

Rexha has a song titled Satellite in her album, so he messaged Snoop on his Instagram.

She told him he would be the perfect guy for the song, and she sent the song to him. 

She asked him to listen, and she wouldn’t mind if he didn’t like it. 

Snoop called her the next day at 7 a.m. and told her to check her email. 

She heard the song and loved it. They shot the music video together. 

Bebe Shared Her Worst Date Experience

Bebe said that she had gone on a date with a guy, and she didn’t know what was happening in his head. He took off his shirts while they were in the restaurant to show his abs to her. 

She wanted to get out of there so fast that she was texting her girlfriends to figure out something for her to say so she could get out of that date as soon as possible. 

She managed to get out of there quickly. 

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