Who Is Florent Rexha? Brother Of Bebe Rexha

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Who Is Florent Rexha? Brother Of Bebe Rexha

Florent Rexha is the brother of Bebe Rexha, an American singer. His parents are Bukurije Rexha and Flamur Rexha.

Florent Rexha's sister and mother.
Florent Rexha's sister and mother. Source: Facebook

Reason For Bebe And Keyan Safyari's Separation

Bebe and Keyan Safyari have been in a relationship since September 2020

Their dating news spread after they were seen kissing outside Bebe’s home in Los Angeles. Bebe even gifted Keyan a Ferrari for his birthday. 

Keyan has a background in film and cinema production, and he founded a production company called Moving Image Entertainment

During COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 Bebe and Keyan quarantine together. 

Bebe spoke positively about their relationship, saying she wasn’t lonely and was grateful for him. 

Bebe is very close to her family, and they liked Keyan, saying he is a good and loving person who understands her career. 

But unfortunately, they broke up, causing a controversial drama over the internet. 

Bebe confirmed that she and her boyfriend, Keyan, broke up after three years together. 

This happened during one of her performances in London on July 28

She mentioned the breakup to the audience before singing and joked about getting emotional. 

The breakup came shortly after Bebe shared text messages on her social media that appeared to be from Keyan, where he talked about her weight gain. 

He defended himself, saying he never said she wasn’t beautiful or didn’t love her, but he had mentioned her changing appearance due to weight gain. 

This led to speculation about their relationship ending. 

Bebe had also previously addressed comments about her body online, acknowledging her weight gain and expressing frustration with people discussing it. 

She thanked her supportive fans. 

Bebe Rexha with her ex-boyfriend.
Bebe Rexha with her ex-boyfriend. Source: Instagram


Florent's sister is 34 years old. 

Net worth

As an American singer and songwriter, his sister Bebe's net worth is about 5 Million Dollars.

Florent Rexha with his sister, Bebe Rexha.
Florent Rexha with his sister, Bebe Rexha. Source: Facebook

Bebe's Successful Music Career 

Bebe talked about her remarkable success in the music industry. 

She began writing songs when she was young, realizing it could help her enter the music world. 

At first, her family had doubts, but as she succeeded and supported them financially, they became supportive, too.

Bebe also discussed body positivity and how she has faced negative comments about her weight. 

She’s frustrated with society’s focus on looks and believes we shouldn’t judge others based on appearance. 

She shared her experience with polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS, which contributed to her weight gain. 

Bebe talked about her new album, which has dance songs and songs about empowering women. 

She collaborated with Snoop Dogg and Dolly Parton, reaching out to them on Instagram

Snoop loved her songs, and working with Dolly was a fun experience for her.

Bebe also mentioned a challenging moment shooting a music video on a malfunctioning yacht where everyone got sick, but she remained professional. 

Bebe Was Nervous Performing In Front Of Mariah Carey

Bebe once had a nerve-wracking experience performing in front of Mariah Carey, and her throat got dry because she was so nervous. 

But having Mariah watching her sing was a big deal for her.

She also shared a funny story about the worst date she ever had, where the guy randomly took off his shirt in the middle of a restaurant, which was quite strange.

Bebe mentioned that she was a late bloomer when it came to kissing because her strict dad made her wary of boys when she was younger. 

Despite her sexy image in the music world, Bebe wants people to know that not everyone can have her body, and she wants to dispel any misconceptions about being promiscuous. 

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