Who Is Gabriel Cannon? Brother Of Nick Cannon

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Who Is Gabriel Cannon? Brother Of Nick Cannon

Gabriel Cannon is the young half-brother of American TV host, actor, rapper, and comedian Nick Cannon. 

Gabriel himself is an actor and musician by profession. He is known for his appearance in movies like Love War and Command 357.

His father’s name is James Cannon, and Beth Gardner is his stepmother. He was born in the year 1987 and grew up with his siblings Reuben Cannon, Javen Cannon, Caleb Cannon, and Nick Cannon

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Gabriel Cannon's father and brother, Nick.
Gabriel Cannon's father and brother, Nick. Source: Africa News Today

About Gabriel's Brother Nick 

Nick is an American TV host, actor, rapper, and comedian.  He is known for hosting The Nick Cannon Show, and America's Got Talent.

He has also appeared in movies Roll Bounce Drumline and many more. 

He was born to his mom and dad in San Diego, California.

Nick was born in 1980 and has his birthday on October 8. His full name is Nicolas Scott Cannon.

Gabriel Cannon with his brother, Nick Cannon.
Gabriel Cannon with his brother, Nick Cannon. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Nick 

Nick is currently unmarried, but he does have a girlfriend. He is dating Bre Tiesi.

They have been in an on/off relationship for a long time. They share a son. 

Back in 2008, Nick tied the knot with singer Mariah Carey. Three years later, they welcomed their twin children. 

Nick's marriage with Mariah lasted for six years as they separated in 2014, and after that, they filed for divorce, which was finalized in 2016.

Nick had many relationships with many other women till now. From his different relationships with different women, he has 12 children.

Nick Cannon with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.
Nick Cannon with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Gabriel is 31 years old.

His brother Nick has a net worth of $40 Million.

 Gabriel Cannon with his brothers.
Gabriel Cannon with his brothers. Source: Instagram

Gabriel Grew Up Making Movies 

Gabriel and Nick grew up together as brothers. Gabriel revealed that they used to have a TV in their home when they were kids. 

But they were not allowed to watch TV regularly by their dad. They only used to watch TV if Michael Jackson came on the TV. 

But after Nick moved in with Gabriel and his father, Nick was gifted the camera he owned. They were given the VHS camera and told to make their movies if they wanted to watch one. 

So they started to make their movies. Gabriel revealed that Nick used to be the camera guy and the director while Gabriel used to act. 

They were always shooting from the same camera. As a result, they even successfully made a movie that is known to only a fewer people.

Nick Likes Unprotected Sex

Nick is the father of 12 children. He had children with different women and claimed he was okay with having more children. 

Nick opened up in an interview that he prefers sex without a condom. 

He said he never felt like using protection with anyone he slept with. 

He has been in relationships with many women and never used condoms because he doesn't like it. 

If any woman tells him that she doesn't want to have sex with him without protection, he backs off from having sex with her. 

Because of the things that he has been doing, many people have made fun of him and even criticized him. 

Some people called him a sex addict, and others called him selfish and a control freak. 

People think that Nick is a selfish person because he cares about his own needs.

Nick Feels Guilty

Nick has many children, and his children are in different age groups. 

So, he tried to maintain the generation gap between himself and his children. 

He revealed that he loves his children but also admitted the guilt he has been carrying. 

He feels guilty for having so many kids. Being a father is a huge responsibility, and for anyone caring for children has always been tricky. 

Nick has 12 children, and giving each of his children time and attention is hard for him. 

He pays $3 million as child support to each child yearly but fails to give them the time that his children need. 

He always works, and balancing between his children and personal life has been challenging, so he feels guilty for having so many children. 

Nick Struggled With Lupus 

Back in 2012, Nick was diagnosed with Lupus. He explained that it was a disorder in which his immune system, which protected him from different diseases, was overactive.

The immune system attacked his different organs if his body was healthy. 

He recalled when he couldn't get out of bed in the morning because of the Lupus.

He felt utterly paralyzed, and it took him hours to feel his fingers. It was terrifying, as it could kill him. 

He remembered doing the show and suddenly feeling a chest ache, but he continued. Later. As his situation worsened, he was rushed to the hospital, and after all the tests, doctors told him that his Lupus had gotten worse. 

He had a blood clot due to Lupus, and doctors told him that it was late for him to treat. 

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