Who Is Reuben Cannon? Brother Of Nick Cannon

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Who Is Reuben Cannon? Brother Of Nick Cannon

Reuben Cannon is the younger brother of rapper, actor, comedian, and television host Nick Cannon.

He is also a singer like his brother. He has four siblings, Gabriel Cannon, Nick Cannon, Javen Cannon, and Caleb Cannon, and everyone is fond of music. 

His parents are James Cannon and Beth Gardner. He grew up with his brothers singing and performing in church. 

Reuben has released several songs as an independent artist.

Nick Has 12 Kids From Multiple Women

Nick has twins Monroe and Moroccan Scoot from his marriage with Mariah Carey.

After splitting with Mariah, he started dating Brittany Bell, with whom he had three kids. 

In 2021, he announced that his then-girlfriend Abby de Rosa was expecting twins. In 2022, they welcomed their third child together. 

He announced that Alyssa Scott was pregnant with his baby, and they welcomed their child in 2021.

A year later, the two welcomed their second child together. He was on/off in a relationship with model and actress Bre Tiesi.

They welcomed their first baby and Nick's eighth child in July 2022.

He has three kids with Bre altogether. A month later, model Lanish Cole gave birth to his ninth child. 

He announced that he and Alyssa Scott were expecting their baby in December 2022. 

Reuben Cannon with his brother, Nick Cannon.
Reuben Cannon with his brother, Nick Cannon. 

Nick Lost His Son

Nick is the father of 12 kids. He could be the father of 13, but sadly, his youngest child, son Zen, died five months after his birth. Nick shared everything about his son in a show. 

He recalled the time when his son Zen was born and said that he was very happy and excited when Zen arrived. Zen was beautiful, always smiling and chilling. 

Because of his playful nature, Nick and his family even called him Z chilling. However, since he was born, Nick has always noticed something strange with his breathing. 

Zen always coughed, but Nick thought it was just a sinus that most newborn babies get. He even thought that Zen’s different breathing pattern was because of sinuses, too. 

When Zen was two months old, Nick thought of taking his son to a routine checkup just to make sure he was okay. After the checkups, doctors also assured that it was only sinus. 

Zen had a big head since he was born, but as time passed, his head size started getting bigger. And later, it was found that Zen had fluid in his head and that fluid was leading to an increase in head size. 

The doctors then decided to remove the fluid with a shunt however, it didn’t work. It was a malignant tumor. Zen’s tumor started growing rapidly after Thanksgiving

Nick shared that he was extremely thankful to the doctors and all the medical staff because they shared every medical condition about Zen clearly. It was a difficult time for him and his baby's mom Alyssa

Nick’s whole family supported him, and Nick personally felt that Alyssa was a strong, brave woman. Despite so many issues with their babies, she never lost control. 

There were times she got emotional, but she handled everything on her own. After five months, his son took his last breath, and now Nick is all left with his little boy’s memory.

Nick Would Love To Have Baby With T.S

Nick is currently a father to 12 kids. He shared his 12 kids with different women, and because of that, most people wanted to know if he was done having babies or not. 

He gave an interview to “The Howard Stern Show” where he was asked the same question by the interviewer if he was done having children or not. 

Nick replied that he doesn’t have any answer to that question because he himself has no idea if he is done having children or not. 

He has been asked that question several times in several interviews, and he said the same thing. 

But one time, when he was asked about being done with babies, he answered by saying that he would leave that thing to God. 

The religious people having faith in god got so offended by his answer that they started backlashing him, saying not to bring Jesus in all his baby things. 

The interviewer then gave Nick the condition of falling in love with an amazing woman, and he gave the example of Taylor Swift and asked about having a baby with her. 

Nick agreed to the condition, and he said that he would definitely have a baby if it were with Taylor Swift. 

He personally finds Taylor as an amazing songwriter, and he feels that she and he are a lot same when it comes to being in the streets. 

He said that Taylor has also dated many in public eyes, and so did he, so he thinks that Taylor would understand him properly.

Because of that similarity, he won’t deny having a baby if it is with Taylor. 

The interviewer also told him that he wanted to see Nick having a baby with Taylor, and he also gave Nick a hint about Taylor being single. 


His brother Nick is 42 years old

Net Worth

His brother Nick's net worth is estimated to be $20 million. He has earned this fortune from his career as a rapper, actor, comedian, and TV host.

Nick Was A Fan Of His Ex-Wife When He Was A Kid

Nick was married to singer Mariah Carey in 2008. In an interview, he revealed that he used to have pictures of Mariah Carey on his walls. 

At that time was just 12 years old. Later, he married his childhood crush. 

They tied the knot in 2008 and share two kids with each other. Unfortunately, they got separated in 2014. 

Even after the split, Nick cannot stop gushing about his ex-wife. He said she was a gift from god and the coolest person he had ever met. 

Nick Cannon with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey.
Nick Cannon with his ex-wife, Mariah Carey. Source: Pinterest

Nick Talked About His Upbringing

Nick said that he is happy and grateful for what he has today. 

He added he got a blessing from god and got many platforms. He mentioned he didn’t want to have an ego and was over proud of his achievements. 

He revealed he had created his brand and wanted to allow those who deserved the chance. 

He further added he came from a big family, and his beliefs and faith are well-rooted. 

He shared he was taught good morals by his grandmother, mother, and father. He said he was raised well. That's why he is so grounded. 

Nick Was Signed By Will Smith When He Was 16

Nick was the youngest writer on television. At sixteen, Nick was writing scripts, producing, recording, and doing all sorts of stuff. 

He was also doing standup comedy. Jamie Foxx approached him to do standup for his show in Atlanta.

At that event, Will Smith people saw them, and they asked him if they would love to introduce him to Will in his office in LA.

He met Will, and Nick had a script with him, and they discussed doing things in shows.

Will sign him up on the spot. Will has been his big brother and inspiration ever since. 

Nick Doesn’t Like Taking Credit For Somebody's Gift

Nick has made stars like Kevin Heart, Kehlani, Kat William, DeRay, and Avion; the list is long.

Nick said they were gifted with talent when he met those people. He just gave them opportunities to shine. 

He said they were all superstars when he met them and elevated their energy by providing them with a bigger platform. 

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