Who Is Gennera Banks? Wife Of Jonathan Banks

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Who Is Gennera Banks? Wife Of Jonathan Banks

Gennera Banks is the wife of actor Jonathan Banks. She is the mother of twins. 

Rebecca Elena Banks is her daughter's name, and Claudio Jon Henry Banks is her son's name.

Gennera Banks's children
Gennera Banks's children Source: Pinterest

Husband's First Marriage

Jonathan was married to Marine Fausch Banks before he tied the knot to Gennera. Gennera is his second wife. 

The ex-couple exchanged their wedding vows as husband and wife in 1968

At that time, Jonathan was just 21 years old

The couple got divorced in 1970. The reason behind their divorce is not known. 

Their marriage only lasted for two years as they parted ways in 1970

He remained single for two decades until he met the right person, Gennera. 

Now he is happily married to Generra. They got married in 1990. They dated for a while before tying a knot. 

They share two children who are twins by birth. He is also a father to a daughter from her previous marriage.

Gennera Banks with her husband Jonathan Banks
Gennera Banks with her husband Jonathan Banks Source: Instagram


Her husband Jonathan is 75 years old

Net Worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Gennera Banks's daughter Rebecca Elena Banks
Gennera Banks's daughter Rebecca Elena Banks. Source: Instagram

Did Jonathan Fight With 'Breaking Bad' Writers?

Jonathan played the role of Mike Ehrmantraut on the Tv series Breaking Bad.

He played a bad guy in that show. He fought with the show's writers when he was on that show. 

He fought with the writers over grammar. 

He was not okay with the grammatical mistake that the writers had made. 

He said that he should help them with the words. He even showed an example of the fight. 

He corrected their grammar, but the writer refused to change it. He just wanted them to fix the grammar, but they didn't.

Wise Guy Was Jonathan's Biggest Break 

Jonathan moved to Los Angeles in 1974. He did a lot of work in theatre. 

Wise Guy was a breakthrough in his career. People knew him from that show. 

He got a lot of fame and stardom. The show ran for three and half years. 

He said that it was the biggest breakthrough role career-wise but not creative-wise. 

It was not a different role to portray as an artist. 

But his character was written so lovely that he loved the role. 

He said that the character was hard to pull off. He worked days and nights to do his best. 

He got an Emmy nomination for the role. 

Jonathan Has An Iconic Look

Jonathan has a unique facial expression. His face is enough to intimidate anyone in the room. 

In an interview, he shared that once, the plastic surgeon said they would do surgery on his eyelids and open his eyes wider. 

He said he made a pretty good amount of money with his eyes, so why did he want to do that surgery. 

A fan of his made a cake that looked like him.

Lesser Known Facts About Jonathan

He was born and raised in Washington, DC. He dropped out of university to work as a stage manager for a touring company. 

His stepdaughter is a writer and director. She even worked with him on the series Better Call Saul

He won Best Supporting Actor in the Drama series Better Call Saul. He has received several Emmy nominations. 

He enjoys working as an artist and being on the screen. He loves to play the role of the bad guy.

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